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pakowitz 03-17-2004 09:32 PM

haz, loomis attend ohio state and miami Pro-day
There were 125 people -- including 10 NFL coaches from Atlanta, Houston, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Kansas City and Pittsburgh -- on hand to watch these players run. The concensus of opinion is that more people showed up here than at Miami's Pro Day. There were also three general managers from New Orleans, Kansas City and Atlanta on hand.

There were 22 seniors that worked out. The indoor field is layered with FieldTurf, but the prospects ran on an AstroTurf surface in the end zone. Running back Maurice Clarett and WR Drew Carter did not work out, but will do so on April 5.

Player Position Gil's comments

Will Allen S Allen (6-0½, 202) ran 4.57 and 4.60 in the 40. He had a 36-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-7 long jump, ran 4.25 in the short shuttle and 7.06 in the three-cone drill.

Chris Gamble WR/CB Gamble (6-1¼, 196) ran 4.50 and 4.55 in the 40. He had a 39½-inch vertical jump, ran 4.25 in the short shuttle and 6.89 in the cone drill. He also did 16 strength reps. Gamble looked very good, smooth with his change of direction and he closes fast.

Michael Jenkins WR Jenkins (6-4 3/8, 217) ran the 40s in 4.38 and 4.42 seconds. He had a 34-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-6 long jump, ran 4.31 in the short shuttle and 6.93 in three-cone drill.

Will Smith DE Smith (6-2½, 267) ran his 40s in 4.58 and 4.62. He did a 38½-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-9 long jump and he benched 225 pounds a total of 30 times. A sore ankle prevented him from running the short and long shuttles, but he ran 7.42 in the three-cone drill.

Tim Anderson DT Anderson (6-3 1/8, 307) worked out very well and turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He ran 5.01 and 5.04 in the 40-yard dash and also clocked 1.79 in the 10. He had a 32½-inch vertical jump, a 9-1 long jump, ran 4.32 in the short shuttle and 7.35 in the cone drill. Anderson ran after a hard workout, which was led by Bills defensive line coach Tim Krumrie. Anderson is one of these "anchor tackles" teams are looking for these days, and his workout catapulted him into the first day of the draft.
Ben Hartsock TE Hartsock did not run again (ran at the combine), but he looked very good in the workouts.

Shane Olivea OT/G Olivea (6-3, 306) ran two 40s in 5.12 and 5.13 seconds and had a 8-foot-9 long jump.

Over 150 NFL scouts and coaches were in attendance to watch some of the top prospects in all of college football. Head coaches in attendance include Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis, San Diego's Marty Schottenheimer, New Orleans' Jim Haslett, Atlanta's Jim Mora, Houston's Dom Capers, Jacksonville's Jack Del Rio, the Giants' Tom Coughlin, Arizona's Dennis Green and Washington's Joe Gibbs.

The players performed outdoors on grass. The turf was referred to as "tee box grass," which is similar to the kind of grass in the tee box on a golf course. It was a little windy as well.

Player Position Gil's comments

Vernon Carey OL Carey was 6-4 3/8, 335 pounds, did 30 reps in the strength lift and ran the 40-yard dash for an average of 5.33. His long jump was 7-foot-5, his vertical was 28 inches, he did a 5.0 in the short shuttle and a 8.10 in the three-cone drill.

Sean Taylor S Taylor stood in at 6-2½, weighed 228 pounds (two pounds less than at the combine), and ran three times for a 4.51 average. He added 11 strength reps, a 10-foot-1 long jump, a 35-inch vertical jump, and opted not to run any of the shuttle drills.

Jonathan Vilma LB Vilma was 6-0½, 233 pounds and had a 4.61 second average in the 40. He also put up the 225-pound bar 23 times. He had a 10-foot-1 long jump, a 37-inch vertical, and wowed scouts with his shuttle times of 4.20 in the short shuttle, 11.48 in the long shuttle and 6.67 in the three-cone drill.

Vince Wilfork DT Wilfork was 6-1 1/8, 323 pounds, lifted the bar 36 times and ran for a 5.08 average. He had an 8-foot-5 long jump, a 26½-inch vertical jump, a 4.50 short shuttle and a 7.62 in the three-cone drill.

D.J. Williams LB Williams was 6-0¾, weighed 250 pounds and had an average 40 time of 4.55 seconds. Williams added a 9-foot-9 in the long jump, a 38-inch vertical jump, a time of 4.05 seconds in the short shuttle, 11.40 in the long shuttle and 7.0 flat in the three-cone drill. Due to a pectoral muscle ailment, Williams did not bench.

Kellen Winslow TE Winslow (6-3 7/8, 247 pounds) was actually four pounds less here than at the combine. He lifted the bar 24 times and ran for an average of 4.55 seconds. He added a 10-foot-1 long jump, a 33½-inch vertical jump, a 4.10 in the short shuttle, a 11.35 in the long shuttle, and a 6.71 in the three-cone drill.

Other notables RB Jarrett Payton (6-0 1/8, 220 pounds) ran for an average of 4.58 in the 40, added a 31-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-7 long jump. ... WR Kevin Beard (6-0 1/8, 180) ran for an average time of 4.46 seconds. ... OT Carlos Joseph (6-5 7/8, 345) did 29 strength lifts and ran for an average of 5.33 seconds. He added a 8-foot long jump, a 28-inch vertical, a 5.09 in the short shuttle and an 8.26 in the three-cone drill. ... Another Canes linebacker raised some eyebrows when Jarrell Weaver ran a 4.37 average. ... LB Darrell McClover (6-0 3/8, 226) ran for an average of 4.46 seconds. ... RB Jason Geathers (6-2, 203) ran for an average of 4.55 seconds.

for more pro-day workouts, click here:

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pakowitz 03-19-2004 09:55 PM

haz, loomis attend ohio state and miami Pro-day
There were 16 teams there and quarterback coaches from five teams. Steve Hagen, the QB coach at Cleveland and Mike Sheppard from New Orleans were there along with quarterback coaches from St. Louis, Green Bay and Philadelphia.

Player Position Gil\'s comments

Luke McCown QB McCown (208 pounds) did everything at the combine, so he just threw passes here. He put up the ball about 150 times. He threw passes to receivers, running backs, and a tight end named Brian Jones from Arkansas-Pine Bluff. His family and fiancee were also at the workout.


Ran indoors on AstroTurf. They had the largest attendance ever for a Pro Day. There was somewhere between 75 and 85 people, although no head coaches were present.

Player Position Gil\'s comments

Michael Clayton WR Clayton ran identical 4.54s in the 40. He had a complete workout at the combine.

Randall Gay DB Gay (5-10 7/8, 185) ran his 40s in 4.33 and 4.36. He had a 39-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-6 long jump, 4.24 in the short shuttle, 11.08 in the long shuttle, 6.78 three-cone drill and did nine strength reps.

Devery Henderson WR Henderson (5-11¼, 196) ran his 40s in 4.38 and 4.36. He had a 35½-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-3 long jump, 4.27 short shuttle, 11.37 long shuttle and 6.78 three-cone drill.

Marquise Hill DE Hill (6-6¾, 296) ran his 40s in 5.22 and 5.30. He had 23 strength reps, 30½-inch vertical jump, 9-foot long jump. He did not run any of the shuttles because of a pulled hamstring.

Chad Lavalais DT Lavalais (6-2¼, 302) ran his 40s in 5.06 and 5.04. He had 25-inch vertical jump, 8-foot-7 long jump, 17 strength reps, ran 4.62 in short shuttle and 7.54 in three-cone drill.

Stephen Peterman DT Peterman (6-4, 317) ran his 40s in 5.28 and 5.34, and ran the 10 in 1.90. He had a 24-inch vertical, a 7-11 long jump, did 23 reps, a 4.75 short shuttle and a 7.85 three-cone drill.


The workout took place indoors on AstroTurf. Thirty teams were in attendance, along with three head coaches: Detroit\'s Steve Mariucci, Pittsburgh\'s Bill Cowher and New Orleans\' Jim Haslett, along with Bills GM Tom Donahoe. Fifteen players worked out for them.

Player Position Gil\'s comments

Jake Grove C Grove (6-3 5/8, 300) did not run, choosing to go with what he ran at the combine. He did do a 9-9 long jump, a 35-inch vertical and a 4.34 short shuttle.

Kevin Jones RB Jones (5-11 5/8, 224) ran his 40s in 4.61, 4.63 and 4.65. He had a 37-inch vertical, a 9-9 long jump, 18 reps, a 4.10 short shuttle and a 7.17 three-cone drill. Jones\' time was slower than expected, but he did not get out of his start well. More than anything, he impressed people with his ability to catch the football. He was really good at running routes and catching the ball.

Nathaniel Adibi DE Adibi (6-2, 3/8, 253) ran his 40s in 4.68 and 4.66. He did 24 strength reps.

Cols Colas DE Colas (5-11 5/8, 240) ran his 40s in 4.58 and 4.59.

DeAngelo Hall DB Hall did not run the 40, standing on what he did at the combine. He did display a 10-9 long jump, a 39-inch vertical, a 3.68 short shuttle, a 6.39 three-cone drill and 15 reps. Sources at the workout also said that Hall looked great in his drills.

Ernest Wilford WR Wilford ran at the combine and ran again at the Pro Day. He had 40 times of 4.75 and 4.81.

pakowitz 03-19-2004 09:57 PM

haz, loomis attend ohio state and miami Pro-day
more cornerback info...

One position that figures to result in a lot of shuffling on draft boards over the next few weeks is the cornerback spot. But the consensus, at least for now, is that DeAngelo Hall of Virginia Tech and South Carolina\'s Dunta Robinson have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. That could change, of course, as cornerbacks continue to work out and scouts further scrutinize the key position. But Hall, who ran a blistering 4.35 at the combine, had a scintillating Thursday workout in Blacksburg, with a 39-inch vertical jump, a long jump of 10 feet, 9 inches, and an incredible time of 3.68 seconds in the \"short shuttle\" drill. Robinson has run quickly, too, and displayed more natural \"ball\" skills than most of the other prospects. Coming out of the combine, scouts were talking up Ohio State\'s Chris Gamble as the No. 1 corner prospect, but his campus workout was fairly pedestrian and there\'s still the fact he has only played one full season at corner. A guy to keep watching is Will Poole of Southern California, who will be a factor and who rates as a consensus first-round pick.

lsusurfer 03-19-2004 10:56 PM

haz, loomis attend ohio state and miami Pro-day
How do you guys feel about drafting Randall Gay in one of the late rounds. I really liked him as our starter last year and he would have been the started this year at LSU if he didn\'t get hurt. I think he has the abilities to be a quality corner in the league. Plus his 40 time is awesome.

Randall Gay DB Gay (5-10 7/8, 185) ran his 40s in 4.33 and 4.36. He had a 39-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-6 long jump, 4.24 in the short shuttle, 11.08 in the long shuttle, 6.78 three-cone drill and did nine strength reps.

pakowitz 03-19-2004 11:32 PM

haz, loomis attend ohio state and miami Pro-day
ive always like him, but he plays inconsistant at times, but if he can pull it together i think he would be an excellent pick up

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