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mike27 01-15-2012 10:03 AM

Dramatic isn't the Word I'd Use
OK, SF played well, in between plays where they weren't targeting our key players for injury. I've read that on several other teams this year, they'd done the same thing, injured key players, which basically was the difference in this game. Had they not gone helmet to helmet on Thomas, the least we'd have come out of that with was 7, we'd have been 7 points up, and I totally think the outcome of the game would have been much, much different. And Graham earlier, when you watched that in slow motion, even on the ground, that defensive player was trying to twist Graham's arm where it shouldn't go.

My whining isn't about the defense, or Greg Williams. In fact, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. The Saints' offense, brilliant as usual, was terrible in turnovers. You can hand that to San Francisco, if you want. But they lost 5, and it resulted in at least 17 points, maybe more. I don't know how anyone sees an offense give up 5 turnovers, and then says "That defense sucks, fire Williams." Seems like some kind of weird personal vendetta. In fact, the defense kept them in the game, with several 3 and outs, and two possession cut-off drives, handing the ball back to our offense.

Let's just face the fact that as good and steady as our offense can be, they've had this tendency to come out flat, to start slow, then close in the race. I said on an earlier post, if we had that against SF, we're going to have a hard time winning. This time, they weren't able to close.

The other area where San Francisco did well, creating injuries to key players, well, I thought they could've handed out more excessive roughness penalties. I still think that head-to-head shot was intentional, and excessive. When you watch it slo-mo, it was a deliberate shot. That might've been the winning shot, right there.

My hope is that Green Bay beats them mercilessly. And I don't care for their coach either--seems like a douche, like one of these guys that's at a party you go to, that seems to make his mission just making people miserable around him, that people politely laugh at, because they don't want to be the jerk's next target.

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