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Whitner helmet hit legal

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Look, I hated losing PT but I liked the hit. They need to review the rule anyway. I want to see more big hits from the Saints. We need a mean streak on defense. Del Rio come on down!...

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Threaded by voodooido
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Look, I hated losing PT but I liked the hit. They need to review the rule anyway. I want to see more big hits from the Saints. We need a mean streak on defense. Del Rio come on down!
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I was arguing with a buddy of mine about this yesterday. He actually played college ball (defensive lineman), so I usually defer to him, but I had to disagree this time. I reminded him that the "it'll take away from the game" argument was used about the NBA in the 90s, when they cleaned up the "hard fouls" in that league. Everyone bemoaned that it will take defense out the game, and it has to some extent, but it didn't kill the sport. I remember in the 80s when a team scoring 100 was very rare, now a winning team scoring less than 100 is rare. And I honestly don't hear too many complaints about it. Fans just sit back and enjoy the dunks. So I think if the NFL got stricter in helmet-to-helmet, people will complain at first, like they always do, but in a decade, most fans won't even remember a time when there was less than 1 touchdown per quarter. They'll just sit back and enjoy the touchdowns.
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Originally Posted by Halo View Post
I need a rule book to keep up with this. I think either they call helmet on helmet all the time or stop doing it at all. The definition of "defenseless player" is subjective at best.
There have been more BS calls made by the refs. I would much rather see the game slowed by a replay of the H-H hit and they get it right than to make that call and it's wrong than the team is penalized. A H-H hit when called should cover every player on the field and not just players they deem as "defenseless"
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As a footbollplayer I just know that I think a hit like that should be illegal. You always hate to see somebdy get hurt and seeing Thomas going limp before he even hit the field was pretty scary. I like hard hits and all that but I don't like it to be dangerous to peoples longtime health.
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It was just a good tackle.
I have to admit, Frisco was hitting hard Saturday afternoon.
Pierre has avoided dead-on licks like that all season, and the one
he couldn't avoid seemd to be our demise. We missed both Pieere
and Lance Moore in that game. That turnover set the tone for the
rest of the game. Our first drive deep into the scoring zone came up empty.
Their hard hitting even gave Colston aligator arms on that late game goal line throw.
Rather than that that turnover reinforcing all the prepatory talk about ball safety, it
seemed to snowball and we kept giving the ball away. We shot ourselves
in the foot and still ALMOST hobbled out of there with the victory.
I've said it all season, when you win UGLY, its just a matter of time
before that lose ugly twin shows up.

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I would have to look at the tape, but I remember it being very quick, like barely turned around after catching pass, and "bam." I think it was unnecessary roughness myself, always will, and I think the guy targeted him, and he didn't have any reaction time at all.

But in truth, I felt like they called all of the games with a less critical eye toward hitting, and injuries. It seemed almost like all the refs were told "Hey, don't call anything that isn't completely blatant." I was seeing an awful lot of pass-interference on the D's too, that were uncalled.

And who suffered the lack of calls? Teams that pass more, N.O. and G.B. in particular.
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Good tackle. C'mon guys this is spilled milk.
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Thomas lowered his head for the impact, Whitner lowered his head= Whitner won. If the impact would have knocked Whitner out instead of Thomas this board would be laughing about it just like the Niner fans are now.
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Any news on PT? I'm worried about him.
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Its a damn sad day when College football is more violent and more manly than professional football.

Welcome to FLAG football, without the "L".
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