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4everSaint 01-15-2012 02:58 PM

So what can we change or expect to change realistically?
I decided to refrain from posting yesterday due to how high my emotions were as well as my level of intoxication. My wife also talked me off that ledge. Thankfully. That said. I think a lot of you have much better football minds than myself as far as player evaluations go. Sure, I have my opions but I'm just a hardcore fan.

I think the one thing we will all most certainly agree on is Williams does need to go. But if he doesn't what can be done to fix what has happened this season and yesterday as far as the D is concerned. Something HAS to happen.

I guess my $64,000 question is what exactly? Because you can't fix everything. We can't trade everyone away(I'm not suggesting we do even if that were an option, just saying) and we can't pick up every FA available(see how that worked out for the Eagles this year). We will also lose some guys to FA as well.

I do know one damn thing. When your safety is leading the team in sacks. That's a big damn problem.


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