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Do I have an unhealthy relationship with the Saints?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; You just have a love for the Saints! I dare say some of the players are feeling a lot worse! I made myself get up today, showered and put on my Saints sweatshirt! I'll keep on wearing my Black n ...

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You just have a love for the Saints! I dare say some of the players are feeling a lot worse! I made myself get up today, showered and put on my Saints sweatshirt! I'll keep on wearing my Black n Gold and be proud of what those boyz did!
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Originally Posted by Danno View Post
Remember the Falcons. That always cheers me up.
To cheer me up, I played Madden 12 and let the defense sack Ryan over and over.... Kinda made me feel better.
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I agree with 4ever and others.
May I say, you most likely feel so sad for this team because they did so well. Extremely well and to get to this point and that is it.
being a fan is ok. We all are sorry Saints lost. All that hard work during the season, and to come back from so far down with SanFran49'ers, well.
Second chances in life for me, you in whatever and even the Saints don't always come around a second chance.
Umm, Dude, when have the Saints NOT stressed us out. I mean this current team of Saints , but the Saints going back all the way to day one!!!
A heart attack. A rollercoaster emotions is what you feel with this team.
Anyway, seems we are going to pull for the hometown boy in the NFC Champ and in the SB because he and his team are going to smash the 49'ers inthe NFC Champ and win against Brady and Pats in Indy for the SB as his big bro watches.
That is Eli Manning is going all the way!!
NYG won this game in Green Bay.
Like somone posted before, watch another game.
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I feel worse and that bad is going to be magnified by 5 when the clock hits 0:00 in Green Bay.

The Saints SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA won it all.

Giants would not have beat us in the Dome.

NE / Bal would not have beat us in the Dome in Indy.

We totally screwed ourselves out of a 2nd championship and that's going to sting for a VERY LONG time.

Add to that fact it was the %#@%#@%$#@^$#^ 49ers and it is 10 times worse...

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I am just as obsessed with the Utah Jazz as I am the Saints. So I turn my attention to them. It helps a ton.

But like Oldmaid said it hurts cuz they were doing so well.

My employees know when the Saints lose because of my mood for sometime days after the game... My other manager told me just to stay home after the lose. I get bent and it is not good but it is what it is.

I am sad, and the Giants winning makes it worse, but the JAzz are playing the Nuggets tonight and I still have a good amount of whiskey.
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I took a laxative and looked at a 49ers jersey
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Being obsessed is a lot easier with a winning team.

One reason I don't want to tamper with Williams, though we might not have a choice is that we have done so well every year. This team was only a wing and a prayer away from another Super-Bowl, but SF played a bit dirty and Thomas got knocked out.

Still not sure how much he was hurt, kept thinking he might come back in the game.

Thankfully I go through the stages of grief pretty quick. Today I'm just irritated, and having the cover of Green Bay sucking too, makes things feel a little better.
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A big loss affects me greatly too. Back in the previous era, with Haslett and Brooks, I'd be in a funk for 3 days after every game we lost. Now days in the regular season, when we lose its usually only one day, playoffs get me down for two. I've gotten better about it, lol. Knowing that the Packers lost helps ease the pain too. They were so quick to rub it in yesterday and I just had to run over and tell them "Pride goeth before the fall" and chastise them for their arrogance. We'll be fine next year and Go Giants, the 9ers cannot be allowed to make the SB.

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I used to feel sad about a Saints lost in the old days and everybody I knew did for maybe an hour after that game ended. I knew people who had season tickets from about 1976 to the early 1990's. Thing then was that the Saints never had that big winning season. 8-8 was great. 9-7 was amazing. The Bill Kilmmer (1967)- Manning -Herbert-Brooks- years were so-so. Don't forget Keny Stabler/Dave Wilson and Richard Todd , I think was after that. Add John Fourcade . You never had a real qb and good offensive line. I always hear everyone calling out Aaron Brooks. Any Saints fans knows you had a great defense at times, but 0 offense. We fans had never experienced those big wins until these current Saints with getting to the NFC Champs that year and even losing at that point, it was still a wow feeling.
Then later winning NFC Champs and SB.
It was incredible to actually have a SB party for your home team. To not be indifferent to the teams playing. I lived in a city that was in SB one year and I never got on the bandwagon.
I think fans are feeling sad about it now because this team still has some good years. It is hard to get to this level. To have this be over in that kind of loss yesterday was really tough.
All any fan can do is hope for season 2012.
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You are no different than anyone of us my friend. You get through it by coming to a place like B&G and vent it out. We have had many different threads to do so. All the posting I have been doing since yesterday has made me feel a lot better. The sting has at least been lifted. We will get em next year!!
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