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Do I have an unhealthy relationship with the Saints?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm just trying to say to myself, it is just a game. There are winners and losers. This time, we didn't win. Actually, I feel very grateful. The Saints have been a winning team since 2006. Think of how many ...

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I'm just trying to say to myself, it is just a game. There are winners and losers. This time, we didn't win.

Actually, I feel very grateful. The Saints have been a winning team since 2006. Think of how many games in that time that we have won!! The Superbowl isn't everything. This has been an amazing ride -- AND IT IS NOT OVER YET -- NOT BY ANY MEANS!!!!!!

I recommend refocusing on other things in your life. Try to use the time this off season to develop your life in other areas. Focus on your business, get back to the gym, get a girlfriend who loves the Saints. ( I don't know you, but you get the point. )

And, when you need to b*tch, come on back here.
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Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
I cannot bring myself to get dressed or even get out of the house to get smokes.
This is one good thing out of this for you!
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Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
Im not only mad, I am seriously depressed. What do you guys do to make yourself feel better.
Hey Dude, you'll be alright ... it's normal. There's a lot of fans in a lot of NFL cities around the country that feel the same ... it's the NFL way. Only one set of fans a season gets to feel like the season's a success, maybe that's why the sport is so popular and they call it the 'Super Bowl', because it really is super.

Lot of good suggestions in this thread ... it should be pinned ... focus on offseason activities, focus on positives, logon and post with your buds, but get out and do something, it'll help. Rent that movie 'Fever Pitch', you'll enjoy it ... it pokes fun at sports addicts like us.

"A man just needs one thing in life, someone to love. If you can't give him that, then give him something to hope for. And if you can't give him that, just give him something to do."
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I deer hunt. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many games, playoff wins, losses, etc. I have seen from deer camp. No matter the outcome, some peace from the great outdoors helps. And occasionally putting the smack down on a deer can be helpful too.

Saturday's loss was a good bit worse than normal. I couldn't even go out and hunt the next morning. But things were fine by that afternoon. That is, until I got back to camp and found out what the giants did....
Is greg Williams gone yet? I don't get the local news up here...
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I didn't sleep at all Saturday night, either. It freakin' sucks. But the only sliver lining is, as Green Bay just proved, it's hard to repeat as Champions. So at least we didn't jinx our home Superbowl for next season.

Was looking at Green Bay's and San Fran's free agent lists, they won't lose too many people, so it won't be easy, but we play both of them, so we can get the tie breakers straight up if all three of us have 11+ win seasons again.
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For me it's like this. I am not a "one team" man. My love of sports coupled with my roots, a Mississippian, lead me to become an Ole Miss fan. You would think that this must really suck...but, wait!

Ole Miss-->Archie Manning-->Eli Manning-->GO GIANTS!!!

Here's my points. 1)In my case, it is possible for me to like more than 1 team 2)Since that is possible for me...I am not so depressed today.
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Well I broke my toe watching the game!!!

jumping around like a mad man when we took the lead I banged my foot on the floor the wrong way.
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I actually stayed away from the board most of the night. I had a beer, played a video game and went to sleep. Yesterday I hung out with two great friends of mine and it really cheered me up. By the end of the night, it didn't feel like the Saints had just lost, it just felt like another day with friends. My friends always bring me up when I get down.
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Me and my woman got in a huge fight Saturday night. I'm sure the two were related.
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Well, you had better do the flowers thing and dinner.
Buy something for her.
Sounds like you both were so into this game.

I will say that just being a fan, a tv viewer, watching these Saints during the season, sometimes, you feel so drained after.
Has that happened to others here?
And wait, watching the game with good food, good people, laughing, and after Saints win or lost, you feel drained . The ride of emotions this team gives us....
I have said, I have been honest, I did not watch the game. I saw the first qrtr. while I was finishing up cooking.
I do not think I can watch now since I know the outcome. I said, well, if they win, I'll watch the rebroadcast.
I like what 73, G, LB and Das said. Eup, get better soon. A broken toe. Gosh.
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