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Boutte 01-26-2012 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by Marlboro Man (Post 373437)
We aren't going to have a lot of money to sign players with this year, and we haven't been able to generate a pass rush with the players we have on the D-Line for 6 years now. I'd like someone to explain to me, how, all of a sudden, coach Spagnola is going to take these same players and make them become all pro linemen and get pressure with just the front 4. Our scouting dept. is gonna have to do the best job they've ever done, and they've done an amazing job the last 6 years, of finding up and coming players in FA that we can develope as well as what Spags can find in the draft. If they can come up with 2 DT's and 2 OLB's and at least 1 DE, we could have a pretty decent defense next year, but the reality is, that's a LOT of players to come up with in only 1 year.

Having said that, let's say we DO win the Super Bowl next year. How long do you think Spags stays? I'd say we had better be looking for his replacement today as well. Additionally, what do you think the effect on the players would be if we're changing DC's every year to every 3 years?

There's no telling if he will be able to get these players to be any better. The hope is that he won't set them up to fail like Williams did. Even if our personnel is as bad as you seem think (and maybe they are) Williams was definitely not doing anything to help disguise the lack of talent. If Jenkins sucks as bad as many people think why are you going to ask him to cover the fastest TE in the league one on one? A good DC doesn't make those kinds of mistakes. Repeatedly. In the same game.

At least we're trying to improve and Spagnuolo seemed to be on everyone's A list. Did you have someone you thought would be better?

spkb25 01-27-2012 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by Belair57 (Post 373389)
the guy comes from a losing team, with a losing record, with a crap record in the worst division in is this guy a step up over Gregg Williams.

Please....educate me

Isn't that the equivalent of saying- why Wade Phillips... he hasn't been successful as a head coach? Or what about Ray Rhodes or Norv Turner as an offensive coordinator. I mean some guys just aren't cut out to be head coaches, but they make good coordinators.

Didn't Belichick have a not so hot first attempt at head coaching?

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