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Gumbo 07-09-2002 09:37 PM

Delhomme Anyone?
I know this may draw some fire, but I am really curious what others think. I think Delhomme may be the MOST underrated player on the team. He has the ability to be a team leader and a starting QB in the NFL. He certainly could have done better than the erratic play from Brooks last year. I only fear that he will not get the chance here and will end up proving how good he really is on some other team like so many other ex-saints.

bman1 07-09-2002 10:06 PM

Delhomme Anyone?
I do not know of many Saints that went to start and prosper on other teams. Mills did o.k. L. Smith did a decent job. Most of the Saints that left did the same thing on other teams as they did on ours. I do however agree that he could go some where else and prosper. The only problem is that he would never show us how good he really is until he is gone. Think about it this way. If the packers would have thought more of Brooks they would have asked for more or never released him in the first place. Good thing they had no clue.

saintz08 07-10-2002 03:18 AM

Delhomme Anyone?
2 Number 1\'s to sign , players contracts up this year , plus a head coach to sign . Look for Brooks to follow the hype and go for the big bucks , he gets the axe . Delhomme is signed to a multi - year contract this year as a back up and gets the start next year .Benson spends under the league average for a QB , and Delhomme is thrilled to start and rides it out . His justification is Delhomme was 50/50 as a starter with a less talented team and has greatly improved as a back up . A token Qb selection in the next draft and Benson smiles all the way to the bank , the new capologist follows Bensons lead and blames it all on Mueller for spending habits that made them do it . With the state deal done , and Delhomme a local favorite , the check is in the bank .....

Halo 07-12-2002 11:35 AM

Delhomme Anyone?
Delomme has to start before I can believe it- I mean start in many games. We have had so many backups with the best arms on earth and never pan out. Is he a Bobby Hebert or a John Fourcade? Only real life NFL (not NFLE) experience will tell. I thought he should have played last year, but then again I also thought Blake should have started the second half of the season and we could have stopped a lot of the skid at the end.

saintz08 07-13-2002 01:05 AM

Delhomme Anyone?
The wheels are in motion , KFFL reported earlier today talks have broken off between Jeff George and the New Orleans Saints , due to the fact Coach Haslett made a statement saying spots 1 and 2 are closed the only opening is as the 3rd quarterback . George is not interested in being a 3rd string quarterback .

Haslett is laying the ground work for Delhomme , giving him the vote of confidence over a seasoned vet like George . George is trouble , but talented . Dale Carter is a risk , but is a projected starter . The statement is clear , we have the confidence in Delhomme and we were desperate for a corner ....

Brooks price will be too high , considering the talent on this team and the salaries . Haslett and management will begin to publically show confidence in Delhomme in an attempt to lower Brooks demands and ease the fan anger when he cannot be signed .

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