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WhoDat!656 02-09-2012 05:08 AM

Saints-Texans in Super Bowl XLVII?
NFL fast-forward forecast: Houston Texans will meet*New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLVII* - NY Daily News

Jankman8 02-09-2012 05:43 AM

What I get out of this article is that if we don't win it next year we are in trouble, because from what I think right now, we won't win a "Ice Superbowl" in New York in 2014 and after that... well I don't know.

Just win it next year :)

skymike 02-09-2012 06:44 AM

GULF COAST SB.... works for me.

SloMotion 02-09-2012 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by skymike (Post 376925)
GULF COAST SB.... works for me.

Interesting ... that would have to be one awesome party along the entire coast ... should this be the case, I'm coming down for a tailgating/fishing vacation, lol! IDK, I can see the Saints holding up their end, but I don't see Houston going just yet, but there's a lot that can happen in the offseason.

Srgt. Hulka 02-09-2012 07:33 AM

The I-10 Bowl! Niiiiiiccccceeee!!!

Mardigras9 02-09-2012 07:52 AM

Sounds like a 3 month party.

skymike 02-09-2012 05:28 PM

you know... we actually need some rest.... lets rest up... whoop into shape... and get ready... because to me training camp is the beginning
of football season. And I love preseason. just 5 more months.

alleycat_126 02-09-2012 09:20 PM

Funny part about that is they ( The Texans ) seem closer to the I-10 Bowl than we do. We have the firepower on offense, I think Spags can get us the defense that can compete

QBREES9 02-09-2012 10:58 PM

The Texans. Do we really think their going to be there.

DutchSaint 02-10-2012 01:28 AM

As a former Texans fan I would love to see them go to the Super Bowl. But the ring will go to New Orleans, that's for sure ;)

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