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BlackandBlue 03-29-2004 03:02 PM

Hey WhoDat....
How would you rank our rookie class. As in, how would you rank all the new members we have here at Black & Gold. This is by far our biggest rookie class. Seems we have some interesting prospects...

Halo 03-29-2004 03:43 PM

Hey WhoDat....
Things have been picking up lately. Business is good.

BnB, you know about the mock draft tomorrow at 7pm?


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rusta 03-29-2004 08:35 PM

Hey WhoDat....
i would be surprised if any make it to this time next year

still waiting for cloner, subguy, gator etc to return

subguy 03-30-2004 07:25 AM

Hey WhoDat....
I am sorry guys................I should change my name to Lurker......I have been around watching.........Y\'all know what I am going to say right now is sign a couple big name Free Agents and draft only Hurricanes.........This year I just refused to allow myself to become upset at moronic moves or lack of any movement during our pre-season. I am noticing that the new group is contributing in a positive manner and without registering 1000 comments in the first week........uh I wasn\'t referring to BillyC was I? I am wondering who will be our Ray Stinkycomb of this year\'s draft? Also does anyone feel that any of our draft selections from last year made a contribution during last season?

Rusta it is kind of you to notice........Thanks........

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