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WhoDat!656 02-18-2012 09:25 PM

This is a little dated, but still good
First, credit where credit is due: Congrats to the 49ers. They made the plays when they absolutely needed to make them, and Vernon Davis is every bit the beast.

But, before everyone -- including some self-appointed "experts" on ESPN -- bury the Saints as yet another "passing" team that flamed out to the supposed "reality" that only running teams and defense wins, allow me to remind you of this fact:

That Saints offense that was supposed to wither on the vine against a good defense?? It didn't.

In fact, it took the full blows that the Frisco D threw at them, even the KO to Pierre Thomas early, and not only came back swinging, but was at the end every bit the force it has been. To put it bluntly, Drew Brees showed huge future Hall-of-Fame BALLS by taking his team back not once, but TWICE in the 4th quarter against arguably the best D he's faced, on the road, outside, on grass. At the end, they put the fear in the Niners' D, and nearly won the game.

Well Done, Niners...But This Is Still Only The Beginning - Canal Street Chronicles

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