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SycoSurfer 11-19-2002 05:00 PM

Just an opinion...
Just an opinion, but does Aaron Brooks suck? I mean with the weapons he has and the talent he possesses we should be blowing teams out like crazy. We were the leading scoring team in the league and we werent playing great. Carney has had plenty of FG from our missed chances. Brooks just doesnt have that killer instinct that a QB needs. He throws an INT he laughs. You see Brett Favre hit that guy out of bounds cause he was pissed when he threw an INT? Oh and why is it that McNabb, Vick, Garcia, and even Gannon know when to tuck and run but Brooks a QB with great speed and running ability refuses to run the ball? You have to do everything you can as a QB to win games he is just playing cause he is gifted and if his heart was in it he could be great cause of his supporting staff. All the QBs above are Pro Bowl calliber, yet they have less talent than we have. We have a solid OL, Top 5 RB, and a WR group of solid veterans, rookie superstars and ProBowlers why is Brooks not lighting up the charts? Gannon is with a lesser O-line, lesser running game, and WRs older than my Dad (38)!

Not to mention our O Coordinator needs to be shot out of a cannon without a helmet. Why run a fake reverse which makes the DE think about reverse and then run a real reverse now that he is staying home??? Why run up the middle at the 2nd best MLB in the NFC?

Now the D... when we know its a run we can stop it. When we know its a pass we can stop it. When its like 2nd and 5 and they can run or pass we get smoked. We just seem to have no awareness at LB, and our DBs seem to be a step behind on alot of plays. We are like in perfect position and the ball just slides right off the finger tips and the WR makes the catch. In the last 2 games alone I can think of about 4-5 tymes that has happend.

Early Idea for the draft... trade our 1st and a 2nd rounder and Charlie Clemonns for Urlacher(Bears Suck and need draft picks), Trade Brooks and that 3rd from KC to the Cowboys for Roy Williams and a 2nd round Draft Pick(Cowboys need a QB). Draft a CB in the 1st(from Miami) round (Terence Newman Kansas State) and Draft Ken Dorsey or Carsen Palmer or one of the other talented QBs in the 2nd Round(from Dallas).

What you guys think?
I know its far fetched but Im bored...

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JOESAM2002 11-19-2002 05:49 PM

Just an opinion...
Hmmmmm? Please refer to my other comments on this day(11/19/02.

pakowitz 11-19-2002 09:06 PM

Just an opinion...
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SaintStoneyMount 11-20-2002 03:07 PM

Just an opinion...

subguy 11-21-2002 06:49 PM

Just an opinion...
Wow PsychoSurfer, you have a major issue with Brooks. He has weapons, we have scored many points,the only reason we don\'t blow people out is because of defense. Are you sure we are watching the same team?

billyh1026 11-23-2002 08:52 PM

Just an opinion...
Maybe you should wait till you\'re not bored to post.......

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