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Danno 04-01-2004 07:13 AM

CBS Scouting Report - CB's...
You better read this and comment buster, I spent too much time (albeit at work) assembling this for it to vanish in a day…

Hall – No info (bad link)
Chris Gamble - Positives: Well-built, with a lean, angular frame, long legs, above average foot speed and quickness ... Has a quick burst and shows the ability to click out of his backpedal and close in a flash ... Has very good closing speed from the "off" and zone coverage, showing the burst to stay with receivers on deep routes ... Does a good job vs. plays in front of him, displaying the ability to break and close on the ball immediately ... Explosive jumper with natural hands (does a remarkable job of using those hands and timing to break up passes) ... Stays tight with the receiver all over the field, doing a nice job with his front hand in blocking his man's vision from the ball ... His fluid hips and ability to break quickly off his reads prevents the receiver from gaining separation on his cuts vs. Chris ... Good receiver who combines his speed and leaping ability to get to the ball at its high point ... Will compete for the ball in traffic and will fight for extra yards after the catch.
Negatives: Used in too many roles (receiver, corner, returner), which did not allow him to refine his techniques in 2003 (regressed as a receiver from the 2002 campaign) ... As a pass catcher, he has explosive speed, but gathers himself a bit before heading upfield ... He also needs to do a better job of working back to the quarterback ... Can find the soft spot in the zone, but tends to body catch, resulting in a few drops ... On defense, he relies too much on his speed to recover (allows too much cushion on underneath routes, but can mirror the receiver on deep patterns) ... Must do a better job of reading the quarterback, as he can be fooled by play action and misdirection ... Shows decent hands for the interception, but looks to run before properly securing the ball (resulting in drops) ... Not a consistent wrap-up tackler (seems to want to hit, but lunges too often) ... Needs to add strength, as he is generally pushed around when asked to step up in run support.

Derrick Strait - Positives: Has a lean, angular frame that can add at least ten more pounds with no loss of quickness...Very quick to read and diagnose plays, showing the ability to recognize the routes develop instantly...Has good pass coverage skills with the ability to jump on the receiver's hip and run with the opponent stride-for-stride on deep routes...Very crisp in and out of his breaks, showing good hand usage to redirect and jolt his assignment in press coverage...Has a smooth, low backpedal, staying in control when turning, showing the mirroring ability to stay close on the receiver...Very effective zone defender who makes quick adjustments and gets good depth in his cushion...Quick to break on the ball and gets good hand placement to prevent separation in the second level...Takes proper angles to the ball and has a keen knack for locating the pigskin (high amount of fumble recoveries, setting a school record)...Anticipates the running back's moves around the corner, showing no hesitation to step up in run support...Gets an excellent jump on the ball in flight, maintaining concentration while looking the ball in and keeping track of the receiver...Despite his light frame, he is not afraid to mix it up in the trenches...Very good at doing the "extra" things needed in practice, the film room and weight room to improve his ability (team-first guy, called a coach on the field by the Sooners staff)...Loves the challenge of facing up against the opponent's top receiver...Has the strength to play off blocks and the explosion to quickly break on the ball...Has the range to make up speed by taking good angles to the ball...His foot balance allows him to easily flip and turn coming out of his backpedal...Excels at riding the hip of the receiver and using the sidelines for help (gets his hands under the receiver's jersey to get a quick push that knocks his man out of bounds).
Negatives: Needs to add bulk and strength to his frame...Willing tackler, but does not have the strength to be anything more than an arm tackler (needs wrap-up tackling technique refinement)...Seems to hesitate a bit when asked to fill the rush lanes (gets there late, but does show willingness)...Has much better coverage skills than tackling ability.

Will Poole - Positives: Has natural muscle definition, large hands, long legs and a frame that can add more bulk with no loss in speed...Has great ease-of-movement agility, quick feet and body control...Has a smooth, low backpedal, maintaining balance when coming out of his breaks...Can plant, break and drive on the ball with no wasted motion...Has very good closing speed, staying tight with the receivers on long routes...Keeps his feet and does a nice job of shadowing the receiver in the short area...Effective at getting his hand around to deflect the pass vs. the larger receivers...Shows leaping ability and good timing with natural hands for the interception...Plays the ball well and has the quickness to recover when beaten...Catches cleanly with arms extended competing for the ball...Loves the physical contact working in the box and is quick to the edge to neutralize the backs attempting to run around the corner...Makes quick decisions in run force, staying low in his pads to stalk, wrap and secure...There is no wasted motion in his transition and he uses his hands to get underneath the receiver's jersey to redirect.
Negatives: While not afraid of contact, he needs to add more bulk in order to face up to the bigger backs...Needs minor refinement in his zone coverage skills (gives up a little too much cushion, relying on his speed to recover)...Plays with good urgency, but sometimes tries to make the play on the ball rather than the man (will slip off some tackles).

Dunta Robinson - Positives: Has a frame with the potential to add at least another ten pounds of bulk ... Quickly reads and reacts to the play, taking good angles in pursuit ... Stays on the hips of the receiver in man coverage, showing the speed to mirror his opponent while doing a solid job of anticipating the routes ... Shows explosion coming out of his backpedal and loose hips to turn and run to the ball ... Gets good depth dropping back in zone coverage, seeing the play develop ... Has the burst and deep acceleration needed to recover when beaten ... Has the athletic agility to adjust and close on the ball in run force ... Uses his hands effectively to disrupt receivers off their routes and times his leaps properly to get to the ball at its high point ... Recognizes the run quickly, working down hill to find the open area to slip through and avoid blockers ... Reliable wrap-up and drag-down tackler, showing good balance and body control delivering hits when working in space ... Has the straight-line burst and speed to be effective as a gunner on the special team coverage units ... Hard worker in the weight room, who will go above and beyond what the coaches ask him to do ... Plays bigger and stronger than his measurables indicate.
Negatives: Willing tackler in run support, but needs to slip past blocks, as he lacks the size to face up to the larger linemen in pursuit near the line ... Shows explosion in his backpedal, but shuffles his feet (compensates with good hip sink and balance) ... Late to locate the ball, at times, but when he does, he shows no hesitation closing ... Reliable tackler, but needs to deliver more power behind his hits (more wrap-up than smash-mouth type).

Ahmad Carroll - Positives: Well-built with long arms and solid overall muscle definition ... Very good athlete with tremendous quickness, speed, body control and change-of-direction agility ... Has an explosive closing burst and stays at a low pad level in transition, showing proper footwork and no wasted steps to instantly get on the ball ... Learns football well and takes pride in his work habits ... Tough competitor with a great personality (players talk highly of his work ethic) ... Can plant and redirect in a hurry, displaying that instant burst needed to suddenly close on the ball ... Excels at reaching around the receiver to break up the pass ... Has excellent deep speed and long acceleration ... Superb gunner on special teams, using his impressive speed to get downfield quickly to break up the wedge ... Very effective in man coverage, staying tight with the receiver while doing a good job of keeping track of the ball in flight ... Makes plays on the ball in the short area due to his ability to read the receiver's moves ... Can easily compete for the high pass, using his leaping ability to defeat his man for the ball ... Has good timing and hand/eye coordination, consistently getting his hand into the opponent's face ... Will make hard hits working in the box and is not afraid to take on the larger blockers in his short area pursuit ... Possesses the natural hands to reach, pluck and secure the interception, showing a knack for tracking the ball over his shoulder ... Will stick his head into the pile to lend run support ... Can drive and close with ease ... Top-level athlete who is one of the fastest players in football ... Has the recovery speed needed to get to the receiver when beaten ... Has the body control to make good adjustments towards the ball in the air (very effective breaking up the pass).
Negatives: Likes to go low and throw a shoulder or grab and drag down as a tackler (needs wrap-up tackling refinement) ... Not a killer hitter, but will stick his hat in there to make the play ... Has amazing speed in his backpedal, but needs to stay in control and keep his body lower to get the most out of his tremendous acceleration (sometimes gets his feet tied up if he plays too upright) ... Must show better discipline handling combo routes (inconsistent with his eyes in zone coverage).

Keith Smith - Positives: Broad-shouldered with well-developed calves and the frame that can add additional weight with no drop-off in quickness ... Unquestioned team leader who has a business-like demeanor and good work habits, taking to hard coaching well ... Shows excellent field vision and alertness in man coverage, staying tight with the receivers on deep routes ... Has outstanding closing speed, playing at a low pad level to drive through his tackles with his legs while properly extending his arms to wrap and secure ... Smart player working the zone, doing a very effective job of picking up his assignments when handling the switch-off ... Breaks on the ball instantly and will not hesitate to sacrifice his body in run support ... His outstanding range allows him to break and close on the ball and he also has the recovery quickness to run down the ball carriers in pursuit ... Does a fine job of timing his jumps to get to the ball at its highest point, showing natural hands to pluck and secure the interception ... Quick to digest the play-book ... Fearless taking on blocks when working in space and does a nice job reacting to the inside routes ... Can play physical with the receivers & works well in goal line situations ... Smooth in his backpedal, taking no wasted steps coming out of it ... Plants and drives out of his breaks with ease and has a burst to close with aggression ... Displays the proper hip snap and feet to mirror the receiver on deep routes ... Will leap and combat for the ball in traffic ... Quick entry in run support, coming up to the line with force.
Negatives: While he shows a willingness in run support, he needs to add strength to prevent the larger blockers from gaining leverage ... Has excellent man coverage skills, but lets the receiver off the line too easily (needs to use his hands better to redirect the opponent).

LeSueur-No INfo

Keiwan Ratliff - Positives: Plays with good instincts and ball awareness ... Smooth and fluid in his back-pedal ... Quick to read and diagnose plays in front of him ... Has good feet to plant and drive in transition ... Takes adequate angles to the ball, making quick adjustments in the deep zone ... Has natural hands and ball skills to adjust and catch the ball away from the body's frame ... Not a game-breaker on receptions and returns, but has vision and elusiveness in the open ... Good worker in the weight room who is respected by his teammates and will make the extra effort to improve his skills ... Runs precise routes and is especially effective at settling in the zone and uncovering on underneath routes (could shift to receiver at the pro level due to his natural hands, route-running precision).
Negatives: Has a very thin, narrow frame with thin legs and arms ... His slight frame is a major problem when asked to support vs. the run, as he simply gets boxed out and run over by the blockers ... Shows good field vision, but seems to want to "play it safe" when it comes to making a decision (bit of a see the quarterback move, then go type and does not seem to anticipate much, preferring to wait for the play to develop rather than initiate the action) ... Does not have much of a burst to close out when reacting to the pass ... More quick than fast, lacking the top-end speed to cover on long routes ... Gives too much cushion playing the deep zone and does not show any desire or toughness vs. the run (will only make the play when he has to in run force) ... Slight frame and good hands may be better suited to play receiver at the next level ... Lacks the size and power to take on and play physical vs. blocks when working near the line.

Ricardo Colclough - Positives: Has wide shoulders, a thin waist, a V-shaped upper body and the frame that can add at least another ten pounds with no loss in quickness ... Very alert pass defender with keen field vision and great instincts ... Can run and shadow a receiver, whether in the short area or on deep routes ... Shows very quick feet in his backpedal, turning fluidly while displaying suddenness in his plant and drive ... Smooth in transition, opening his hips to cover ground ... Has excellent change of direction agility ... Has the sudden acceleration needed to recover and catch up to the receiver down field ... Shows good body control and leaping ability going up for the ball ... Has natural hands for the interception and secures the ball before heading upfield on kick returns ... Shows aggression in run support (can drive to the ball out of his plant in an instant) ... Effective wrap-up tackler that will face up to the ball carrier and deliver a punishing hit ... Competitive athlete with great urgency in his play ... Digests the play book quickly and has a quiet personality, but will not hesitate to take a teammate to task for poor play ... Relishes playing on all special teams (return and coverage).
Negatives: Struggled adjusting to the speed of major college receivers during the practices at the Senior Bowl ... Instinctive, but will bite on double moves ... Has good upper body strength, but does not always utilize it (can get walled off by the larger receivers ... Can deliver a punishing hit, but will sometimes dip his shoulder and arm tackle, causing the opponent to slip past his hits ... Can string the plays wide in run force, but needs to work on his angles when trying to pursue around the corner.

Joey Thomas - Positives: Lean, but well-muscled athlete with a good bubble, slender hips, long arms and legs, split high and showing good muscle definition in the arms and calves ... Stays close to receivers, especially vs. double moves, locking on to his assignment and refusing to allow any cushion ... Shows a strong hand punch in press coverage ... Smooth and quick in his backpedal, showing above average hip flexibility to transition fast with no wasted motion ... Plants and drives to break up slants ... Has the speed to cover, track and jump to make plays on the ball in the air down field ... Has the sudden acceleration needed to recover when beaten or when pursuing plays across the field ... Tracks and locates the ball well, timing his jumps with good body control and will not hesitate to compete for the pigskin in a crowd ... Very aggressive in run support, avoiding the trash well by using his hands to defeat cut blocks ... Physical tackler who will face up and explode into the opponent upon contact ... Takes well to hard coaching and is willing to help out the less experienced teammates after practice ... Fiercely competitive with a passion for the game, excelling when facing top-level competition.
Negatives: Locks on and runs with the receiver well in man coverage, but guesses and gambles too often (can be fooled by play action) ... When he peaks into the backfield or gambles on the play (giving a big cushion), he generally pays for it ... Smooth in his backpedal, but will shuffle his feet, at times, causing him to be late on his breaks ... Will extend for the ball, but lacks natural hands (prefers to cradle) ... Lacks maturity off the field (confident, but borders on arrogant) ... Has great speed, but would be a dangerous option as a punt or kickoff returner, because he does not field the ball properly and fails to wait for blocks to develop.

Nathan Vasher - Positives: Has a lean, yet developed frame with solid muscles in the lower body and room to add more bulk (185-pound potential) ... Has good deep coverage skills and despite his size, delivers a strong hand punch to reroute receivers ... Knows how to get on the receiver's hip and mirror the opponent through his pattern ... Has a quick backpedal, staying in control while showing smoothness in his turn and run ... Has the ability to squeeze the field and break on the ball in zone coverage ... Makes a play on the ball with his body adjustments and hip flexibility ... Has the range and catch-up speed to accelerate out of his breaks ... Times the ball properly and will extend to catch it outside the body's frame ... Aggressive player who will not hesitate to fill the rush lanes ... Reliable tackler who will get into position before striking ... Reliable punt returner who uses his burst to gain yards.
Negatives: While he shows aggression in run support, he lacks the size and strength to prevent blockers from riding him out and leveling him when working in the piles ... Not always quick to make proper reads and locate the ball (may have a learning disability) ... Can read the quarterback and receiver, but will still bite on play action and misdirection ... Has good leaping ability, but because of his size, will generally get out-jumped by the taller receivers ... Has been effective intercepting the pass, but lacks natural hands (too small), resulting in potential thefts becoming pass break-ups ... Needs to play in a system where he can freelance and attack the ball (looks uncomfortable in a complicated defensive formation – see Senior Bowl performance).

Greg Brooks - Positives: Has the ability to learn and retain football well, quickly diagnosing the plays ... Shows a smooth backpedal with above average foot quickness and body control ... Plants and breaks on the ball sharply and shows an explosive closing burst ... Has excellent open field acceleration and can easily turn and run with the receivers on deep routes ... Drops back into his zone assignment with good vision awareness and stalks the receivers tight on short area and underneath routes ... Has good timing and leaping ability competing for the ball ... Takes proper angles in pursuit and can turn and jump on the ball, making proper body adjustments to get to the ball at its highest point ... Has dependable hands for the interception, displaying the agility to track and locate the ball over his head ... While he needs to be more aggressive in run support, he has good drag-down tackling technique.
Negatives: Has good awareness and tackling ability, but needs to be more consistent in showing his physical nature ... Must do a better job of extending his arms to keep defenders off his chest when working through trash ... Has excellent quickness, but needs to show better hip swerve when attempting to maintain contact on the receiver moving laterally (appears to gather himself a bit breaking out of his backpedal) ... Needs to add at least ten pounds to his frame, displaying only adequate muscle mass in the chest area.

jason_vise 04-04-2004 11:31 PM

CBS Scouting Report - CB's...
I saw strait run down Justin Vincent. That says something. The USC guy played in the Pac 10 much like Alex Molden a few years ago. Chris Gamble reminds me of champ baily and Woodsen. But I\'d still go with Strait, stoops coached him, like he did Roy Williams

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