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Saints, Brees $5M/year apart on deal

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Just passing along a report dude. We love the reporters when they tell us stuff we want to hear. Good luck with that powerball....

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Just passing along a report dude. We love the reporters when they tell us stuff we want to hear. Good luck with that powerball.
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Is it interesting now ??
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Originally Posted by ChrisXVI View Post
Just passing along a report dude. We love the reporters when they tell us stuff we want to hear. Good luck with that powerball.
True facts. When I report good things I get praise, but anything negative, it's bash central.

Carl Nicks is cheering his ass off right now probably.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
Writers and their sources.

My sources are telling me I'm going to win the powerball soon.
Papz, congratulations in advance on the powerball win. Now, would you like to assume the 5 year $24mm/year for Brees? Not to mention the $7mm/year for Colston, and $9mm/year for Nicks?

Think about it, you could be a hero!
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what can you do with 24 mil that you cant do with 20????? condon is a ***** who doesnt give a hoot if we win or lose. he'll milk this deal so that all we have is brees and 3rd string defensive players. brees will end up hurt cause tennant will end up starting at center and DLP at guard. greedy bastard
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Don't blame the agent he is doing what the player wants.
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The franchise tag is a terrible Drew.
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I just can't see Brees not being smart enough to realize that at 24+ MIL a year he'll be the RICHEST NFL QB, but he'll also never win again. I'd like to believe that he's a team guy ... But if these reports are true and this team gets gutted ... Damn, back to insignificant we go.

In the end though ... I think it's all BS and everyone gets resigned and we make another run.
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I do not put a hole lot of stock in that article. Who is to say that he is asking for 24 Mil and the Saints are only offering him 20 Mil. or that the Saints are offering 15 Mil. and he wants 20 Mil. (per year). What if the other "team players" are not playing? There is just not enough info in the article, mostly speculation. Those sources could just be blowing smoke up our you know whats..
I can not see Drew being that type of player, "greedy". He just does not come across as that type of person, but money does have a way of changing people. I posted earlier that I thought they were trying to work other deals with other players at the same time. Trying to make the money right for all of the big three. I still think that is the case and that ML and his staff are trying to get Drew what he deserves and they are more than likely running into issues with several of the other players involved. If any of the "Big 3" are playing "hardball" so to speak, I would think it might be Nicks. He has already given the impression that he would bolt for more money. I think MC will be compensated fairly and he wants to stay with Drew.
As far reworking some other contracts I think both Vilma and Ellis realize they are not going to get much on the open market if they get released so they would most likely be willing to work something out. I think there are a few others who could stand and are willing to rework their contracts as well.
No matter what happens, we will loose someone and as much as I would like to think Drew is not a greedy person, if that is his true nature then we don't need that type of player on the team, no matter how good he is, what he has done for the team or the city. I will hold fast to my belief that he deserves to be well compensated and that he is a man of integrity and wants to be here and that come Monday (hopefully sooner) he will be signed to a new deal that will allow him to retire a Saint. Then he can run for Governor and fix the state LOL
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A lot of you are assuming that the Saints are offering 20 million a year and Drew wants more. What's up with that?
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