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SycoSurfer 11-20-2002 12:30 AM

Same old stuff...
I used to come to this site about 3-4 years ago before it was in this format. I remember when there were no ppl here, and I remember when ppl would come and fight all day. It seems like not much has changed... One person gives an opinion and even if it isnt sumthing likely(just a frustrated opinion) instead of just ignoring it everyone insults him. You ppl need to learn what is just random boredom and football talk. I know we arent gonna trade for Urlacher or trade away Aaron Brooks, but Im frustrated and I dont think it would be that bad of an idea. Brooks has not proved anything to me and we need a MLB and corners we have a few extra picks this year so lets use them. Would anyone have a problem with losing a few draft picks and Clemmons for Urlacher??? What has Aaron Brooks done that is so great this year? Is he making great plays or throws or is he just getting the job done? I mean Vick makes great plays McNabb makes great plays Brooks gets the job done. I think he doesnt have the heart to lead this team to a SB championship no matter how much talent we have surrounding him. He proves that every tyme he laughs after an INT. Once again just my opinion.
Let the insulting begin!

Da_Louisiana_Fan 11-20-2002 07:50 AM

Same old stuff...

Don\'t get discouraged, I to came to this site many moons ago. But m being one have never like to voice my opinion to the public. So far I have had very little good to say about our team, But I have been very happy with the results and opinions of others on this board. I do not know much about football, I will admit that before it shows in a post. But I do love the team. I love to hear on TV a saints win, a party in N. O. of a fire truck delivered to N.Y.C from Benson. About AB, I posted under another topic, about Urlacher I\'ll go with whoever the coach gets. If they are in a saints uniform, there my favorite players (To all who think I might not like Joe, lol) I don\'t care who we have, as long as they play for what they are paid. so stick around tell us some more we wont get down on you to bad, and if we do \"welcome to the Internet\" its alot easier to say forget those guys.

pakowitz 11-20-2002 10:31 AM

Same old stuff...
hmmm what has brooks done, let me see. well he won the nfc west for us in 2000, won our first ever playoff game, this year he is leading the league in TDs. but what has he done? oh nothing thats important. just b/c the man laughs after he throws an INT u go all \"syco\". maybe he is out there having fun and doenst get all depressed b/c he knows that there will be another chance at redemption, which there was, b/c on the next drive he led them to a TD.

SaintStoneyMount 11-20-2002 10:47 AM

Same old stuff...
Just the fact that you can even discuss trade Brooks and get better shows the caliber of QB we have in Brooks. Brooks is a game breaker. BTW I think he is not on his game in the current stretch, but I would rather see a slump in early November than late December and January. The offense seemed out of sync the past two games. Get Urlacher. He would be great and would benefit tremendously under the tutalage of Brian Cox.

As far as Brooks making great plays. I don\'t know if you have been watching the Saints or not but...Aaron makes great plays. Think about last year before the break down...He can play a bad game and this week he had some mental errors. I guess maybe he\'s still young tryna figure it all out. That\'s where coaching should come into play. You know Atlanta traded away Brett Farve. Stupid Huh?!

Naw we need to keep Brooks. But Urlacher sounds good.

SycoSurfer 11-20-2002 01:05 PM

Same old stuff...
I am not one of the ppl that like Brooks when he plays good and doesnt like him when we lose. I dont like him. When we won the NFC west he was a totally Different QB. Back then he was a playmaker. He was exciting to watch. He made things happen. He knew when to tuck and run sumtymes he would tuck and run a lil too much. Now he doesnt run at all. He is leading the NFC in touchdowns cause he is that talented yes, but how many stalled out drives have we had in the red zone? Or Drives where he could have prolly run for a 1st but he threw it into double coverage or threw it away? How many INTs does he have? How come if he is playing so great with the WRs we have he doesnt have the yards? 13th in passer rating with these weapons? 13th YPA, ohh and 10 INT tied for second worst among starting QBs. 25th completion %!?! What has he done lately? We have the best WR core in the league 1-5 we have the 3rd leading rusher and he is struggling WHY?

I think people are so excited that we have a good team that a sub par QB with all these weapons they are happy. We are used to Jim Everett, Bobby Hebert, Billy Joe whoever. Is Brooks better than them? He is more talented, but I think Everett would be putting up better numbers cause he never had a team this talented. Brooks has the arm and the legs to make things happen, but does he? We might as well have kept Bulger. Can you imagine what kinda number we would have put up if we had kept him? Brooks is a good QB not great. WE have had good teams and now we have a great one, but I think we could be better if we had a better QB.

pakowitz 11-20-2002 11:53 PM

Same old stuff...
saints lead the NFL in red zone TD %

subguy 11-21-2002 06:33 PM

Same old stuff...
Dude. if you are going to make a comment,you should be prepared to take the heat when people don\'t agree. Brooks is good. He doesn\'t run as much as he probably could,but is that a bad thing? How long do you honestly think Vick will survive,he has been out once this year already and we banged him also. Brooks should run,when defense is in Bear formation and the middle opens up,and there are no open receivers.
The other time it is very frustrating is in the red zone.........bootleg.

[Edited on 22/11/2002 by subguy]

daviddrake2 11-22-2002 07:10 PM

Same old stuff...

I have to agree with Pak and Sub on this one. Although Brooks may not play up to his full potential EVERY play of EVERY game, I still think he\'s a danm good QB and would hate to see where we would be without him.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

whodatsaintsfan26 11-22-2002 07:39 PM

Same old stuff...
Im sorry, but after what happened to McNabb and what I see Vick taking every Sunday I want to see Brooks in the pocket. Brooks has his flaws, but I think the skill and results thus far have shown he is the QB the Saints need. You can say what you want about the guy, but he is winning. Like I said I am not a huge AB fan, but he is leading his team to a 7-3 record. When the season started I had the Saints record after 10 games at 5-5 (I think I will have to see if that post is still active). He has won big games this season, but he has lost some bad games. He has ups and downs just like every QB in the league. Hopefully he will grow out of those. I am happy with his perfomance this season. P.S. I hate the bootleg in the redzone. Sorry Subguy

billyh1026 11-23-2002 07:56 PM

Same old stuff...
Trade for Urlacher? Let\'s just trade for every All Pro? I\'m thinking you must be joking right?

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