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pakowitz 04-05-2004 06:20 PM

Return of the ‘No Fun League’


This week, the NFL owners and competition committee voted to penalize teams 15 yards when one of their players celebrates excessively -- i.e., Joe Horn pulling out a cell phone or Terrell Owens taking out a Sharpie after scoring a touchdown.

It’s the return of the No Fun League, in which any unauthorized entity possessing a personality is subject to search and seizure.

No sir, can’t have any entertainment on the field. Fans are supposed to enjoy the watered-down, on-field product with teams winning Super Bowls on pure luck.

Janet Jackson’s, ahem, falls out -- can’t have that. No nudity in the NFL, only three quarters of the way, like the cheerleaders.

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vulture 04-06-2004 12:33 AM

Return of the ‘No Fun League’
As long as 60 year old men are in charge of the league; they will always find ways to make it the \"NFL circa 1965\".

WhoDat 04-06-2004 09:36 AM

Return of the ‘No Fun League’
Circa 1965? i.e. when there was excessive violence, the players used all kinds of drugs and made political statements on the field? Maybe that was the 70\'s, but its close enough.

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