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lynwood 03-06-2012 06:02 AM

The Reason Bounties were formed
ESPN's Jacked up

Jacked Up! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!

Hard hit = Highlight reel on Monday Night Football

dizzle88 03-06-2012 07:33 AM

Did this have an influence on creating bounties aswell? lmao just thought id post it for fun

Saint_LB 03-06-2012 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by lynwood (Post 383467)
ESPN's Jacked up

Jacked Up! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!

Hard hit = Highlight reel on Monday Night Football

Good point, lyn...but I have to go on a rant, here.

First of all, bounties have been around since before ESPN. It is really just human nature, IMO, for people to compete amongst themselves while at the same time compete againt their opponents.

Football is a heavy contact sport. The NFL is going to have to forget about trying to present is as a safe contact sport...because it isn't, and there is no way that it ever will be...unless they ruin it.

People want to see the hits. C'MON, MAN!!!

People may not admit it but they are relieved when the star QB of the other team is knocked out of the game. I don't think anybody wants him to die or nothing like that...they just want him off the field for the remainder of the game. IT IS JUST A FACT.

Let's stop trying to sugar-coat the NFL. It is impossible. Let the kids play at the top level of humans on this planet. Let them hit hard. Let them do what they know best. Try to stop them from hitting illegally, but don't try to stop them from hitting hard legally. If you agree that you don't want to stop that...then what is wrong with a bounty as long as it is not a cheap shot???

For me, it is no different than my boss giving me a bonus for doing something.

In closing...the NFL has to recognize that this sport is more violent than boxing, where you can only use your hands. In this sport, people have heads and shoulders that can be used as weapons...and the heads have very hard surfaces covering them which make them even more of a weapon. See it for what it is and realize that these guys are getting paid a lot to put themselves out there and they do have a choice to go work as a CT Field Engr. if they don't like the "unsafe" aspect of their job.

Man...I just can't stop on this one but I have to. I just want people to wake up and see NFL football for what it really is and quit trying to pretend that it is a game that, if properly officialed, can be safe. I'm here to say that it can never be that.

lynwood 03-06-2012 08:59 AM

Gotta wonder if the game started to get "safer" when the players started making $$$$. Owners wanted to protect their investment and the players wanted to protect their career and payout. I think a "Bounty" would be neccessary to bring up the level of play to what it should be.

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