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pakowitz 04-09-2004 12:13 AM

Grove seen as potential cornerstone of line
Casually engage Jake Grove in conversation, even for just a few minutes, and you come away convinced that the Virginia Tech center is an amiable enough young man. A good ol' farm boy, as conversant in matters of crop rotation as he is in cut-blocks, a self-made player who is about as nice a kid as you'd ever want to meet.

Grove is just one of three players in Hokies history to earn consensus All-American honors.
But dig a little bit more, plumb the depths of Grove's football mindset, and that's where the Mr. Hyde element of his persona lies. Ask teammates about Grove's dark side, heck, quiz the Hokies snapper himself about a well-documented nasty streak, and you understand why he is a center of attention.

League scouts love nastiness and that's part of the reason they are embracing Grove as the premier center prospect in this year's draft.

"I want to be a guy," Grove acknowledged at the combine workouts two months ago, "who people don't like."

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