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SaintNik 04-09-2004 09:20 PM

Poker Faces
Well it sure is good to return from vacation and be able to participate with all the folks here on the B&G board just in time to gear up on the upcoming draft. OK, let's get on with it.

Quote from GM Mickey Loomis in Times Picayune friday 04/09/2004 on the Craft trade.

"In some ways this makes our first pick more valuable. We don't have to draft a corner now. It doesn't mean we won't, but there's probably not the same sense of urgency."

The team has now upgraded depth at need positions including DT, WR, CB and OL with sign and trade deals. The one position that needs major upgrading that has yet to be addressed is LB. While every position on the team could still use an upgrade or added depth either through the draft, free agency, a post June 1 cut, or still another trade, the LB position glares as having the greatest needs. This team needs players on the inside and the outside that can stuff the run at the line of scrimmage, not 5 yards downfield. The team may still use the first pick on one of the fore mentioned positions but unless something changes again in the next two weeks I would expect the Saints to use the first round pick at 18 on one of the Miami LBs, either Vilma or Williams. This F/O has done a pretty good job of fooling everyone on draft day. Let's hope they don't fool themselves.

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