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WhoDat 04-10-2004 07:42 AM

Northcutt files grievance
Northcutt files grievance against Browns wire reports

CLEVELAND (April 9, 2004) -- Wide receiver Dennis Northcutt has filed a grievance against the Cleveland Browns, the team he has been trying to leave since his agent failed to meet a deadline to make him a free agent.

Browns spokesman Todd Stewart confirmed that Northcutt's agent, Jerome Stanley, filed the grievance.

Stanley claims the Browns did not bargain with Northcutt in good faith. The agent also claims the team breached Northcutt's contract.

The Browns deny the claims.

Northcutt's right to free agency was nullified when Stanley missed a Feb. 19 deadline to void the last three years of his contract. The Browns gave Stanley permission to seek a trade, but he has been frustrated by their reluctance to trade with division rival Baltimore Ravens.

WhoDat 04-10-2004 07:44 AM

Northcutt files grievance
This could be an interesting situation to watch. Northcutt MAY end up being available very late in the FA period. With the Saints having a lot of money still available under the cap, they might have room later. Picking defense high and drafting a WR in the later rounds doesn\'t hurt too much b/c the draft is so deep at the position. It hurts even less if you end up signing a guy like Northcutt in May or June.


no_cloning 04-10-2004 07:59 AM

Northcutt files grievance
There\'s a slim chance Northcutt will be successful. Even the player\'s union stayed away from this one and his agent (the guy who missed the date that apparently was right in the contract) had to file the grievance. \"Did not bargain with Northcutt in good faith\"? That sounds like a lame excuse.
I can\'t imagine that his contract will simply be terminated by a judge. At the very least the Browns might be forced to trade him at a lower price to get the distraction out of the way, but they\'ll still want something in return. Very unlikely he\'ll end up in New Orleans for the 2004 season IMHO (and not too sad about it either).

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