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iceshack149 04-11-2004 09:47 PM

This is a long post that I copied from so grab a sody-pop if you're interested in the fullback comparisons. I'll play the part of pakowitz for today and list four fullbacks and leave a link at the end.

Prospect Profiles

Doug Easlick
College: Virginia Tech
Height: 5-11
Weight: 238

A physical player who combines toughness with good athleticism … Plays smart and knows the Virginia Tech system … A former tailback who has a knack for picking up yardage … Developed as a blocker and can catch the football coming out of the backfield … Understands leverage from his high school days as a championship wrestler … Moved from tailback to fullback prior to the 2000 season … Joined the team as a walk-on … In 42 games, he gained 152 yards on 36 carries (4.2 avg) and caught 36 passes for 304 yards (8.4 avg) with a pair of scores.
Positives: Has a short, stocky build with broad shoulders, thick legs and thighs, and muscular arms … Excels at what a fullback does – Catches the short tosses out of the backfield and lead blocked for some very successful tailbacks (Lee Suggs, Kevin Jones) … Good competitor who is not afraid to throw his body around, and will never take a play off … Shows quickness to reach the outside to lead block and the strength and balance to clear rush lanes between the tackles … Low-maintenance type who puts the extra effort in during practice and weight-room sessions … Vocal leader who will take whatever the line gives him in limited chances to carry the ball … Runs hard and gives second- and third-effort blocking in the second level … Has the straight-line speed needed to get out into the flats as a receiver … Shows adequate vision when running with the ball … Plays on his feet, using his power to effectively handle the blitz and can square up in the hole and hold the point … Makes good reads to adjust to defenders on the move.
Negatives: More of a straight-line runner, lacking hip swerve and wiggle to be productive as a runner … Lacks the foot speed and burst to adequately hit the holes (good square-up blocker, though) … Not punishing when running inside, but stays low in his pads and uses his arms effectively to lock on and steer defenders away from the play … Does not have the long speed needed to threaten a defense vertically … Prefers to cut block, but shows the strength to square up when attacking the holes … Has shorter than ideal arms (28 5/8-inch length).

Tim Burrough
College: Oklahoma State
Height: 6-0
Weight: 243

OVERVIEWHighly recruited fullback coming out of college who helped the Cowboys produce 1,000-yard rushers in each of his last two seasons … Physical blocker who also proved to be an effective receiver out of the backfield … In 44 games, he carried 60 times for 147 yards (2.5 avg.) and caught 28 passes for 196 yards (7.0 avg.) and a touchdown … Also made a pair of tackles on special teams.
Positives: Has a solid build with broad shoulders, defined lower body and muscular arms … Has adequate quickness in his movements and at the point of attack … Has the strength to break arm tackles and shows good ball security … Runs good pass routes, showing balance and the ability to locate the ball working in a crowd … Has natural hands to extend, catch and turn up field with the ball … Willing blocker who won't back down.
Negatives: Marginal ball carrier who lacks vision and elusiveness … Struggles as an inside runner, as he lacks a feel for the cut back lane … Willing blocker, but lacks technique (does not get in proper position).

Thomas Tapeh
College: Minnesota
Height: 6-1
Weight: 245

OVERVIEWA big factor in the Gophers being recognized as the second-best running back unit in the nation for 2003 by Athlon and the best position group in the Big Ten Conference by Lindy's … Teamed with Terry Jackson II and Marion Barber III to form one of the nation's best backfields … A big, physically-punishing running back that played his first injury-free season in 2002 … One of the strongest members on the squad, with a team high on the bench press of 430 pounds and a squat of 630 pounds … Lined up at fullback, where he set some devastating blocks over the last three seasons … Played in 43 games, carrying 410 times for 1,957 yards (4.8 avg.) and 24 touchdowns, adding 213 yards and three scores on 18 receptions (11.8 avg.) and completed both pass attempts for 69 yards and a touchdown.
Positives: Has an athletic physique with broad shoulders, a V-shaped torso, abdominal definition, good bubble, strong thighs and knotted calves … Has good quickness at the snap, hitting the hole immediately on the fullback dive … Makes very quick decision when running with the ball … Lacks good shake, but can bounce outside or cut back to avoid the initial tackler … Hits the inside rush lane with power, using his leg drive and natural strength to keep his legs moving on contact to break tackles and takes what he can when the hole is clogged … Makes good body adjustments to the off-target pass, looking the ball in before running with it … While not used much outside as a hot receiver in the passing game, he catches with his hands extended and can snatch the ball at its high point when competing for it in traffic … Has never missed an offseason workout and takes pride in his game preparation and the way he plays the game with urgency.
Negatives: Avid weight room performer, but his wrestler-type physique lacks flexibility (appears stiff when redirecting) … More of a North/South runner, as he lacks the wiggle, shake and hip swerve to elude (will power through tackles) … Needs to do a better job of securing the ball before attacking the holes (sometimes holds it like a loaf of bread) … Despite playing the fullback position and being blessed with great power, he is not a face-up type of blocker, as he will lunge and over-extend when trying to sustain and lacks pop and explosion when leading on inside run plays (gets too high in his pads, resulting in the defender pushing him back into the lane, but does a better job of blocking in the open field).

Lousaka Polite
College: Pittsburgh
Height: 5-11
Weight: 243

Like a dependable pickup truck, capable of plowing through even the most difficult of terrain, Lousaka was a reliable backfield performer the last three years … Possesses all of the quintessential fullback qualities: tough, dependable and unsung … Prototypical leader by example, not only on the field but also in the weight room and locker room … Voted offensive captain each of the last three years by his teammates, the first player in school history to garner such honors … Boasts a body builder's physique with the strength to match … Named a "Chairman of the Board" for his dedication during winter conditioning … "Lousaka knew the offense inside and out," running backs coach Dino Babers said. "He is one of this football team's leaders. He has a lot of experience but is still continuously refining himself as a fullback." … Among the steady stream of Woodland Hills High products to sign with the Panthers in recent seasons, joining defensive backs William Ferguson and Shawntae Spencer and fullback Mark Yezovich as former Wolverines on the Panthers' 2003 roster … Started 40 of 46 games, carrying 180 times for 655 yards (3.6 avg.) and four touchdowns, adding 485 yards and two scores on 59 receptions (8.2 avg.).
Positives: Stout athlete with a barrel chest, thick legs and thighs and muscular arms … Good worker who is a respected team leader … Dedicated in the weight room and is a vocal part of his unit … Energetic blocker who squares his shoulders and drive hard with his legs when lead blocking … Effective getting to the edge to neutralize the blitz … Always looks for other defenders to hit after making the initial block in the second level … Shows strength to finish blocks consistently … Good short-area runner who stays at a low pad level and does a solid job securing the ball before attacking the line … Will cover up the ball before heading upfield as a receiver … Has adequate hands, doing a nice job of settling in when working back to the quarterback … Displays good awareness in pass protection and knows when to leak out of the backfield to get to the dump-off pass … Finishes his runs with good forward body lean, doing a good job of breaking arm tackles.
Negatives: Has marginal lateral quickness, hopping into his cuts while running with a slight "duck-footed" style, which negates his initial burst … Struggles when having to change direction instantly, looking awkward as he tries to redirect … Has marginal speed and quickness to be effective in anything more than dump-off routes … Struggles getting in and out of his cuts, making him an easy target for a defender in the open … Has good hands for the short passing game, but fails to track the ball in flight over his shoulders and does not have the flexibility needed to adjust and turn on the ball … Needs to get a head of steam in order to clear the rush lanes as a lead blocker (when working in tight quarters, his limited athleticism prevents him from sustaining and finishing his blocks).

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