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DatWho. 04-12-2004 02:34 PM

Together we will rule the world.
It just warms my heart to read all the posts on this board. But, still, there's some good info in there and the rest is just funny as HELL!!

Playoffs or no playoffs. THAT is the question. RIGHT?? Of course it is! You have your nay-sayers and then you have your eternal optimists. Then there are the fence riders (you know who and what ya are) ;)

This year is going to be different though. Now, I'm not talking about being different for the Saints. I'm the one that's going to take a different approach this year. This year, I'm going to make a stand. No more high expectations for me. NO SIR!! This year I'm going to pull for what ever team has the most Louisiana boys on the roster. In case the starting QB is from Louisiana, then that trumps my first rule. I just thought of this idea a couple of days ago and I'm still making the rules. Now, I can hear some of ya laughing, but think about it. The only reason we pull for the Saints is because they are in Louisiana, right?

So, I figure there's many Louisiana boys scattered out there in the NFL. Plus, no one can call me a traitor. That's called the "Delhomme" rule!! I'm nothing if not loyal -- :D

This year the Saints might not win any games. But, every week, someone that is from Louisiana will win. If your tired, fed up, or, just plain disgusted with "your" New Orlean Saints, join me. Together we will rule the world.

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WhoDat 04-12-2004 06:57 PM

Together we will rule the world.
You\'re not fooling anyone Billy. ;)

How long until we hear your annual 12-4 or 13-3 prediction?

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