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TheOak 03-19-2012 06:55 AM

I still do not see this coming down that hard on players.... Ok so given they are saying what... between 22 and 27 players knew or participated. This is why I keep saying this is not only a "Saints problem".

So they start slamming players, then would have to slam them all... not only the ones on the present Saints roster... Anyone that was on our roster from 2009-2011 that has left.

That would mean:
Scott Fujita
Tracy Porter
Usama Young
Remi Ayodele
DeMario Pressley
Marvin Mitchell

Along with Greg Williams

Would all get slammed with their present teams.

SaintsBro 03-19-2012 10:09 AM

I'll tell you one thing in particular that I have been thinking about lately. The thing about the email sent to Payton that referenced the bounties. And Payton apparently said that he never read the email. Now to some people, that seems unbelievable, far-fetched, impossible....but I KNOW plenty of PEOPLE around Sean Payton's age, my older brother and his friends for example, who simply don't do email. For a lot of people in their late 40s and 50s, email is simply not part of their thing. They are phone and face-to-face kind of people.

My point is that I don't automatically believe everything Sean Payton says; I'm looking at it pretty skeptically, but if you look at him straight up, he is a relatively straight shooting guy who speaks carefully and says what he means. And his explanation that he never read or saw the email, well if he is one of those people who doesn't really "do" email, then it certainly seems plausible enough to me that he might not have seen it. Especially if it was sent to a Saints email account that he might never check or use. But it might seem really far-fetched to people like these media writers, folks who use email all the time, every day, but there are plenty of people out there, especially famous or very busy people, who simply don't use email to communicate....if it sounded totally bogus I would be the first one to say it, but that part of the story (the email he never read) is not as far-fetched as some people might think.

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