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Is Roman Harper a dirty player?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I love when a player knocks the day lights out of an opponent!Isn't that football?...

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I love when a player knocks the day lights out of an opponent!Isn't that football?
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I don't think people know what a dirty player is. A dirty player is someone like Cortland Finnegan, or Suh, as soon as the cameras turn, or the referee turns around they are tripping people or stepping on their feet, generally trying to beat people by bending or breaking the rules instead of by being stronger, faster or smarter. Suh is a strange one, because a lot of the time he is stronger, faster, and/or smarter than the other players, but he still pulls a lot of cheap ****. The real dirty players do most of their bad deeds away from prying eyes, and you only notice if you watch them live or somehow have access to game film. The "remember-me" shots from 2009 were pretty dirty, since they were designed to take advantage of the fact that players won't get called for being in unstoppable motions (like diving) in order to intentionally deliver late hits.

So no, I don't see Roman Harper as a dirty player, I've watched him a number of times and he just hits like a truck for an SS, and people get surprised by that.
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Originally Posted by alleycat_126 View Post
Not a dirty player, but an impact player
But what player is not an impact player? They are supposed to be. Are the Saints not suppose to be impact players?
Goodness knows the Saints defense have been carried by the offense for many games this past season.

I am not picking on you, alleycat.
I am just trying to understand the Saints' bounty thing. Where? Who was it? Etc.

I am really anxious now to see how the NFL will fine and ban the Saints. Based on what proof? Someone said to the the NFL....
People say stuff all the time. That doesn't make it true. People acuse people all the the time on things. Doesn't make it true.
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King Colt

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Posted 06 March 2012 - 10:08 AM

"Bounty Hunting"?! Compare a bounty hunting hit to a non-bounty hunting hit! Keep in mind those guys actually playing the game beat out millions who are home watching. When you are of the mindset to earn a starting position in the NFL you are the type of athlete capable of stopping another man in his tracks. If the hit causes injury so be it, get another to replace him. If you have ever run at full speed then instantly be stopped in your tracks you will know what "bounty hunters" do and HOW they make their money.
This latest media hype is nothing more. What does $1,000-$1,500 per hit on a cetain player matter to an NFL player making X-millions? This whole story is crapolla. To make the team you will hit harder than all others in camp and only then will you earn the respsect of your teammates. This "concern" had to stem from pee-wee league football mother. For those of you old enough to remember the great Bubba Smith, then you will recall the crowd chanting " Kill Bubba, Kill"!
This is one quote from a Colts 'fan. See Colts Fourm.
Some people have outlandish things to say like: Suspened Loomis and Sean Payton for some games, fine Saints 1 million dollars, ban Greg Williams from the NFL, have Saints forfeit SB win to Colts or at least have * placed besides that tainted SB win that the Saints stole...
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Well with all this bounty crap, the new rules, the excessive penalties and fines and what not in today's NFL. This guy and several others, Lott, Tatum, Butkus, etc would have had to have second jobs to suplement their lack of income.

So, no, Harper isn't dirty. A hard hitter? Yes. Borderline at times? Yes. Dirty? No. I'll take players with his intensity any day on the football field. These guys tend to play the game as it was meant to be played.
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