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iceshack149 04-12-2004 11:42 PM

NFC South needs
Divisional draft preview: NFC South needs
April 12, 2004
By Jay Glazer Senior Writer

Our job at is to prevent what the great GM George Young dubbed "paralysis by over-analysis." The following is the latest installment that breaks down team needs and possible strategies in preparation for the draft.

Part III of our eight-part draft preview series focuses on the NFC South, a division that housed the conference's Super Bowl rep each of the past two years.

This year's draft has flipped things upside down from a year ago. This time, the Panthers have all day to wait for a pick while the Falcons, Bucs and Saints all jump into the fray much sooner than anyone might have predicted.

"In a perfect world we'll add some speed to our defense," Loomis said.

OH NO!!!! Doesn't he know by now that speed kills?
Live by the speed die by the speed I guess....

WhoDat 04-13-2004 09:23 AM

NFC South needs

This will be the most important draft during Jim Haslett\'s tenure with a team dead even 24-24 over the past three years.
Damn skippy.


GM Mickey Loomis is one of the league\'s more aggressive players in free agency...
Huh?!?! Did Glazer get into Billy\'s Who Tang?


Needs: CB, LB, DT, WR, backup RB
Seems about right to me. Better make that more like (1) LB, (2a) CB, (2b) WR, (3) DT, (6) FB... CB, CB, CB, CB after that... or LB I guess.

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