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pakowitz 04-14-2004 12:29 AM

Hall does it all, just ask him
By Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY

Maybe he comes off as just another young, cocky kid eager to brag about himself when DeAngelo Hall, a star-in-the-making cornerback from Virginia Tech, breaks down his game by dropping a few household names.

"I like Charles Woodson, Deion (Sanders) and Champ Bailey and try to mold myself after those three guys," Hall says, alluding to all-pros past and present. "I get speed from Deion, and just that ability to shut down one side of the field. From Charles Woodson, it's the physicalness. And from Champ Bailey, the ability to make plays."

Is that so?

What about the fact that you're just 5-10, and some of the stud NFL receivers you'll be asked to shut down, like Randy Moss or Terrell Owens, tower in the 6-4 range?

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