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pakowitz 04-14-2004 12:51 AM

Chat with PFW's Nolan Nawrocki
Nolan Nawrocki: (4:57 PM ET ) Let's get started.

Evan - St. Louis: Nolan, given the elite talent of the top 3 WR's, do you agree that Roy Williams will have the most immediate impact in 2004 due to having more experience? I played college football like you, and I wonder how well someone can adjust to the NFL with minimal experience. If I'm a GM, a 22-year old graduating senior has markedly better chances of immediate success than a wavering 20-year old.

Nolan Nawrocki: (5:05 PM ET ) I guess it all depends on who you're top three receivers are. I know at least one team has Michael Clayton rated as one of the top three receivers in this draft, and I think he could potentially make the biggest impact of the group. He's tough, savvy and very polished and could contribute right away. But to answer your question, the fact that the two teams that went to the Super Bowl last season -- New England and Carolina -- have the most players with college degrees says a lot about how important it is to graduate. Williams' experience is definitely a plus, but don't expect many GMs to downgrade Larry Fitzgerald for his youth. Mike Williams is another story, if he is allowed into this draft.

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