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42alpha saint 03-23-2012 09:29 AM

Message I would like to see from the Saints
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We have always played hard hitting football in New Orleans, It has come to be a way of life even before Sean Payton and Greg Williams. We are a team of fighters and will continue to play hard hitting football. Even though yes we admit that it is wrong to intentionally attempt to hurt someone and "Knock them out" or "Cart them off", we will continue to give our fans what they want hard hitting put you on your butt football. so for the other teams, When you play against us, the New Orleans Saints, you should be prepared to put on your big boy under wear, and play some hard hitting till the whistle blows football. We will not be intentionally trying to hurt you or put you out of the game, but we will not let up, we will put pressure on your quarterback and receivers and we will come at you from all sides and every direction. If your quarterback holds the ball too long or attempts to become a running back, we will hit him hard and sit him down. Rest assured we will have our game face on and be prepared to virtually squash any effort on your teams part to stay in the game.
Football fans around the globe for years have yelled at their teams defensive players "KILL HIM!!!!!!" or something to that effect when a sack is made or a good tackle is made, never is the term meant literally. However football fans love to see football players make hard hitting tackles and plays. It implies that a player is putting his heart and soul into the game, just as every true fan is every time we watch a game. If the NFL and Benevolent dictator Goodell do not like the idea of playing hard hitting football, then he may as well for all intensive purposes make flags a part of the NFL uniform and teams play flag football. We have overcome a lot of adversity over the years, and we will make it through this season. Drew will get signed and he will motivate the team members, and establish a good working relationship with whoever is the interim head coach. There is no situation that Drew and Coach Payton havent faced together and Drew knows what Sean would do in any situation. Spags was a good defensive guy when he was with the Giants, so I believe he will be able to create a very capable defense with who we have left after the remaining punishments are handed down. We need to take this opportunity to be challenged even more and nothing would be better than forcing Goodell to hand over the Lombardi Trophy to us again in our home town.

saints1234 03-23-2012 11:00 AM

AMEN!!! I cant wait to see the look on Goodell's face when he has to hand us the Lombardi Trophy.....

WHO DAT Free Sean Payton

Soldano 03-23-2012 11:25 AM

Exactly,...It is going to be a great season to watch. I would replay Sharper's hit on that Patriot RB over & over if I were Spag.....*s* & definately replay all Favre's & Warners. I can think of a zillion others from the 90's also.....Think Pitt, Detroit, etc is going to stop playing hard ball..? Noway, no how. Niether should the Saints.take this dibacle & use it for an advantage. get the D so wound up that we are in the head before the game ever starts..Nothin wrong with a little heathly fear.

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