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Viqueens just won't shut up

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Was that an idiot kicker speaking? I thought somebody flushed the toilet....

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Was that an idiot kicker speaking? I thought somebody flushed the toilet.
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The viqueens center is just as stupid; he wants the league to ban Sharper from the league!!

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well if I was a Viqueen, I'd want every member of the '09 team banned to...
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Stay in your lane punter. Don't you have some coffin corner punts to work on or something like that lol?!? It's funny when the people who contribute the least have the biggest mouth.
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All this hate towards punters... I just can't understand or sympathize with it.

I think f.e. the Saints' punter Morstead played a pretty pivotal role in the SB game with the successfully kicked onside kick - much more than some other players contributed on the Saints' roster.
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Originally Posted by HouYat View Post
Will the Vikes EVER get over that loss? Doesn't look like it.
Well, this loss made them forget the 1998 loss, which made the forget about all the past SB failures, so eventually, they'll encounter a bigger failure and forget about this one too.
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I agree, Fin. Any Punter is more of an athlete than I am.

And Thomas Morstead is the man on Twitter...

As for this guy: he's never seen anything like a QB getting hit in the chin? Does he wear a sleep-mask unless he's out on the field? WTH is he talking about?
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If the punter is your spokesperson, you're also petitioning the League to wear tutus and garters.
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... don't recall this guy chirping back in '09 ... oh wait, that was before the NFL investigation became public and players just considered hard hits as part of the game.

"anyone who knowingly took money after a hit that injured someone should get a year as well." ... I don't think he realizes what he said here ... I agree, for every hit that was not flagged by the officials, fined by the NFL, and/or resulted in a player being 'carted off'/'knocked-out and payment was received, that player should be out at least a year.

So, what would that be? One player? Maybe two? I have yet to see anything real that supports the idea that what Greg Williams was doing led to any more of a 'mercenary' mentality then is already prevelant in the NFL.

The league can argue, due to Williams' faulty use of descriptive terms, that intent was there. The league can argue non-contractual payments were made and the Saints failed to put an end to it after being warned, but exactly how many hits outside of league parameters & resulting in a cart-off/knock-out were there?

Not very many. And now Congress wants to look into it ... oh, brother ...
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Like someone else said in another thread, the Vikings should be thanking us for sparing them from being the only team in NFL history to LOSE 5 Superbowls.

Ungrateful #@$@#%!!@$
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