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BJD7642 04-15-2004 09:34 PM

What would you think?
This is an unusually strong class with top-end talent and decent depth. Cornerback is the second-strongest position in the draft after wide receiver. However, as well-stocked as it is, this group probably won't produce a top five pick.

Position strength (Scale of 1-10, with 10 being best): 9

First-round picks

1. Dunta Robinson; South Carolina, 5-11, 186, 4.34*. A physical, prolific playmaker who can play press coverage and also turn and run with receivers. Shows great body control. Answered concerns about his speed at the Combine, where he tied for the second-fastest 40 among defensive backs. Is quick as he is fast; his 3.75 in the 20-yard short shuttle was No. 1 among DBs. Lacks ideal size.

2. DeAngelo Hall; Virginia Tech, 5-10, 202, 4.34. A smooth athlete who has a knack for making plays on the ball. Strong in man-to-man coverage. Comes out of breaks quickly. Shows outstanding return skills. Has experience as a receiver. Lacks ideal height and isn't as aggressive as he could be. Is continuing to develop.

3. Will Poole; USC, 5-10, 194, 4.65. Is aggressive and instinctive and holds up well in every area. Would be an excellent fit in a cover 2 scheme. Has a good feel for zones. Reads quarterbacks well. Doesn't give up many big plays. Is a sound tackler. Lacks top-end speed and quickness. Is shorter than scouts prefer.

4. Chris Gamble; Ohio State, 6-1, 196, 4.53. Is raw, in part because he split time as a receiver before last season. Needs to work on his technique. Shows questionable instincts. Has rare height for the position. Was thought to have rare speed but ran in the 4.5s at Ohio State's pro day. Can press or play off the line. Is lackadaisical against the run. Flashes some skills as a return man.

Second-round picks

5. Ricardo Colclough; Tusculum, 5-11, 194, 4.49. A gifted athlete who played at a low level of competition. Is physical with quick closing burst. Backpedals well and shows good but not great speed. Is raw but has great potential. Also stands out as a punt returner.

6. Ahmad Carroll; Arkansas, 5-10, 195, 4.34. Is short but athletic. Presses and can run with anyone. Shows quick feet and is explosive and willing to deliver big hits. Lacks great ball skills and needs to improve technique.

7. Keith Smith; McNeese State, 6-0, 200, 4.49. A prolific playmaker who defends the ball well. Is athletic with a good frame for the position. Displays quick feet, runs well enough and shows good cover skills. Is a willing tackler but not necessarily a punishing hitter. Didn't face top competition in college.

8. Shawntae Spencer; Pittsburgh, 6-1, 170, 4.48. A tall, fiery competitor who uses his hands well and makes plays on the ball. Is more comfortable in zone coverage than man-to-man. Answered some questions by running a sub-4.5 40. Is raw and lacks ideal bulk.

Third-round picks

9. Joey Thomas; Montana State, 6-1, 194, 4.44. A big corner with good man-to-man skills. Has long arms and is one of the most athletic corners in the class. Technique needs much work. Isn't accustomed to defending NFL-caliber receivers.

10. Derrick Strait; Oklahoma, 5-11, 198, 4.52. More of a football player than a pure athlete. Has great instincts and a feel for the game. Is more quick than fast. Knows how to compensate for his lack of speed. Would fit well in a cover 2 scheme. Isn't as physical as he could be.

11. Jeremy LeSueur; Michigan, 6-0, 197, 4.53. Size and long arms allow him to match up with bigger receivers. Brings a physical style and is best suited to play zone. Is a bit tight in the hips for man-to-man. Some see him as a safety. Doesn't close on the ball well. Might lack the speed to make up for lost ground.

12. Keiwan Ratliff; Florida, 5-10, 193, 4.60. Is a smart, instinctive ballhawk. Takes some chances and shows great hands as a playmaker. Lacks top-end speed and great cover skills. Isn't overly physical. Has some value in the return game.

13. Nathan Vasher; Texas, 5-10, 177, 4.65. Plays bigger than his size and has decent speed. Is tough and explosive, with good ball skills. Senior Bowl performance hurt his stock. Works better in man-to-man than zone. Can provide help as a returner.

14. Chris Thompson; Nicholls State, 6-0, 189, 4.50. Is tall with enough speed and athleticism. Uses his hands well to make plays. Stood out at the Blue-Gray Game practices. Competes hard but is a bit raw.

15. Dexter Wynn; Colorado State, 5-9, 175, 4.50. Lacks size but has great quickness and explosiveness. Had highest vertical jump (39 inches) among corners at the Combine. Is instinctive and shows good ball skills. Plays with toughness. Can stick with receivers man-to-man. Excels as a returner.

Day 2 picks

16. Bruce Thornton; Georgia, 5-10, 197, 4.45. A converted running back who still is learning the position. Is athletic and has upside. Shows toughness, vision and awareness. Plays zone better than man-to-man. Doesn't back away as a tackler. Is more quick than fast.

17. Greg Brooks; Southern Mississippi, 5-10, 173, 4.45. Is a lightweight but has good cover skills. Makes up ground in a hurry. Isn't much of a run defender and needs to get stronger.

18. Von Hutchins; Mississippi, 5-10, 185, 4.50. Has quick feet and decent speed. Plays well in zone coverage and is technically sound. Plays bigger than his size. Is a former safety who still has plenty to learn about his new position. Durability is a concern.

19. Rich Gardner; Penn State, 5-11, 191, 4.49. A former walk-on who is a self-made player. Shows decent athleticism and enough speed. Holds up well in every area but doesn't stand out in any. Doesn't make many plays on the ball but is smart and aggressive.

20. Jernaro Gilford; BYU, 6-1, 185, 4.60. Is tall and has decent speed but lacks ideal quickness in transition. Works best as a press corner. Had a mediocre senior season after playing better in previous years.

21. Jeff Shoate; San Diego State, 5-10, 189, 4.53. Shows great short-area quickness but lacks ideal speed. Is physical with a good feel for the game. Lacks great ball skills and is better-suited for zone coverage.

22. Jabari Greer; Tennessee, 5-10, 178, 4.42. Shows a smooth backpedal and a quick burst. Accelerates quickly. Has trouble locating the ball and adjusting to it. Is undersized but has long arms. Was a track man at Tennessee.

23. Christian Morton; Illinois, 6-0, 179, 4.50. Was highly regarded early in his college career, but his stock dropped the past two seasons. Is tall and has long arms but lacks a feel for the game. Shows good burst and transition speed. Uses poor technique and does not relish contact.

24. Vontez Duff; Notre Dame, 5-11, 198, 4.53. An overachiever who is instinctive and more quick than fast. Gets beat over the top and has trouble catching up. Can play either man-to-man or zone. Fills the hole and is a willing tackler against the run. Shows good return skills.

25. Marcell Allmond; USC, 6-0, 209, 4.48. Brings a physical style and gets good jams on receivers. A big corner who is a bit stiff in coverage. Doesn't have great ball awareness or ideal catchup speed. Could end up at safety. Durability and character are concerns.

26. Stanford Samuels; Florida State, 5-10, 193, 4.61. An instinctive playmaker who understands coverages. Reads quarterbacks well but lacks ideal speed and size.

27. Rufus Brown; Florida State, 5-9, 187, 4.43. Often gets in position to make plays but is undersized and doesn't have great speed or quickness. Shows fluid hips in man-to-man coverage. Sometimes struggles to find the ball. Takes some chances in coverage and bites on double-moves.

Others: Roc Alexander, Washington, 5-11, 185; Kelvin Millhouse, Hawaii, 6-1, 198; Michael Waddell, North Carolina, 5-11, 187; Randy Jordan, Kansas State, 6-1, 178; Randall Gay, LSU, 5-11, 177; Jacques Reeves, Purdue, 5-11, 186; Greg Goldenu, N.C. State, 5-10, 183.

* 40-yard time

Senior writer Dan Pompei covers the NFL for Sporting News. Email him at

I cant see it falling like that but would really like it.

Boogro 04-15-2004 09:42 PM

What would you think?
Well as far as the projection goes, Poole and maybe Gamble will probably slip out of the first round and Carroll and Strait are probably late 1 early 2nd for sure.

rAge 04-15-2004 10:34 PM

What would you think?
I like TSN better than any other magazine, but when it comes to the draft - they don\'t know ****. You think Mel is bad? Look at their rankings. What a joke.

They have us taking MLB Daryl Smith in round 2 with the 48th overall pick. Fine, right? Well two picks later they have Vilma going to the Vikings. We would be dumb to pass on Vilma in the first round, but to pass on him in the 2nd, for a LB that isn\'t half as good? Aint gonna happen.

Plus these CB rankings. Strait in the 3rd? No friggin way. If he somehow falls to the 2nd round, the Colts will nab him up. Hell, chances are they will take him round 1 if he\'s on the board. Round 3? pfffff

Last year they had Rien Long going top 10. The guy ended up being the 126th player taken. They also had Charles Tillman as the 16th best CB in the draft and had him as a 6th round prospect. Hell, they don\'t even list correct 40 times half the time. They are a terrible source for draft information.

JimBone 04-16-2004 02:54 AM

What would you think?
TSN is overrated

BJD7642 04-16-2004 10:20 AM

What would you think?
I agree 100%, just found it odd that it would be released this close to the draft being that in-accurate. Not saying I would not like it to fall like that, it would REALLY help/re-build our secondary( I would from scracth). I am new to the site and just wanted to share somthing intrusting.

JimBone 04-16-2004 06:31 PM

What would you think?
somthing intrusting?

Not exactly sure what that means?
Your spelling is overrated.

BJD7642 04-16-2004 06:58 PM

What would you think?
HA HA vry funie!!!!

JimBone 04-16-2004 08:48 PM

What would you think?
A simple \"no\" would have done just fine...but thats ok.

BJD7642 04-18-2004 02:45 PM

What would you think?
1st Spanky, you could have stopped reading any time you wanted. 2nd, I just found it intresting that someone who gets paid to write had the CBs this deep. 3rd, I said I did not think it would fall like that. And last It was different than \"who do you want\", \"I dont know, who do you want\". So do yourself a favor and DONT read my post OR replies cause god forbid anyone share somEthing a little different. Spanky!

JimBone 04-18-2004 11:05 PM

What would you think?
Spanky is overrated

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