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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; What dirty hits on Warner?? He himself said that they were clean hits. Sure, there were one or two questionable hits on Favre... But let me ask this: How many times did AP fumble? Did the Viqueens get penalized for ...

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What dirty hits on Warner?? He himself said that they were clean hits. Sure, there were one or two questionable hits on Favre... But let me ask this: How many times did AP fumble? Did the Viqueens get penalized for 12 men in the huddle at a crucial point in the game? Did Favre throw a stupid pass while scrambling when he clearly could have run for a few yards and slid?? Did their defense step up and keep us out of field goal range in OT? What a joke.
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Vicious yes..... Clean YES..... sorry if we kicked your @sses.... no guess i'm not sorry but we did..... Neither Warner nor Favre complained.... in fact Favre said "Thats football".....

you have officials to call the game and flags were not thrown.... you got a ***** its with them but if you watch the videos without a dress on you will agree they were clean....

My hope is that we don't change our style... tough but within the rules... and let Goodall's henchmen throw all the flags they want
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Originally Posted by WhoDat!656 View Post
I am still haunted by the crushing, brutal blows ... those brutal hits are still sickening to watch ... The violence, if allowed to continue unchecked, eventually would alienate many fans such as myself ... resounding boos to NBA analyst Charles Barkley, who said he didn't have as much a problem with the bounties as with the person who blew the whistle on the practice. This kind of win-at-all-costs mind-set should have no place in professional sports.

Jan Lueken; Bemidji, Minn.
Again with the "tainted"? I told myself I wasn't going to pay attention to the BS anymore, but you have to just drag me back in ... don't you Jan?

Haunted? Really? Like 'nightmare' haunted or do you see ghostly appendages reenacting those brutal hits throughout your day? Is it so sickening you barf?

Newsflash, girlfriend ... football is a 'violent' sport, 'checking' the violence only leads to the eventual demise of the sport ... feel free to 'alienate' yourself, and take the other fans 'such as yourself' with you.

So they boo-ed Sir Charles, eh? You know, I was never a big Barkley fan to begin with, but after reading your spiel, I'm kinda' warming up to the big lug.

'Win-at-all-costs' mindset should have no place in professional sports? My dear, the whole point of professional sports is to 'Win-at-all-costs'. Without that mindset, it's just 'amatuer' sports, get it?

Bemidji? For crissake, I've been to Bemidji ... shouldn't you be ice-fishing or something? Or do the brutal hits haunt you out there too?

And I thought I was dramatic ... geez!

*Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way intended to condone the use of bounties and/or otherwise insult the great State of Minnesota, the city of Bemidji, it's citizens, the Minnesota Vikings organization, it's fans, nor does it seek to misrepresent or slander the sport of ice-fishing. No NFL athletes were harmed in the making of this post.
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"The Saints' only Super Bowl victory will forever be tainted "

Oh man I needed a good laugh. The Saints only Super Bowl victory, as opposed to the Vikings' multiple Super Bowl victories? Oh snap! I didn't just go there did I?
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This poor guy probably spent his whole high school football career getting his jock pulled over his head while getting a swirlie.

What would he know of taint, anyway? probably never seen one.
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The closest to haunted for me are the lives lost at war.

I expect big hits on the football field. If I didn't like it, I would not watch the game. In this twisted universe, this Jan Lueken is a lover of Ultimate Fighting Championship - oh until her local champion loses. Maybe she mistook the Super Bowl for a Curling competition.
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Sorry! but to us OUR super bowl VICTORY will never be tainted. And we are the only ones who matter. There will always be jealousy from the Vikings fans. On the other hand we haven't heard anything from the Cardinal fans. Hmmm interesting. Also no one can ever take that super bowl win away from us no matter how much they complain.
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In years past, the Aints would always give Minnesota a good game, often beating them in every statistic save the scoreboard, but your Vikings with the help of some nefarious gamemanship or biased refs would somehow deliver victory to the Vikes over the Saints, but for one reason - the Vikes wanted it more...

Forty+ years we endured an embarrassing effort to win and advance...

Well, we took the field and gave all of your same hard-nosed, winner takes all, leave-it-on-the-field gamemanship back and stuffed it up your nose...

So, I have but one question you hypocritical, flaccid crybaby -

How's it working out for you now?

Take your weak@$$ chiott, geaux dig an ice hole and cool your head in it...

Oh, and when you lose your franchise because you don't want to build a stadium with a real roof, well, we won't miss ya one bit...
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“Your best?!? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home (with) the prom queen.” - Sean Connery in The Rock

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Brett Favere and Kurt Warner are P**sies
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I've just decided to stop getting my football news from PFT because I'm tired of the daily ASSAULT by Mike Florio. I used to post there often. No longer. I suggest others do the same. He's been celebrating his 'clicks' for these unsupported stories. Well, he's not getting my clicks any more.

I've been reading you guys for quite some time, but now I'm going to weigh in every once in a while because...well...you're my peeps.

I'm pretty dang sick of these MN blow brains still whining about a 2 year old loss. I always wonder if they really do believe that a tough but ego maniacal Farve would/COULD deliver a SB win? Do they BELIEVE that those hits came from a Saints D who were motivated by a few hundred bucks or a ring?

Their level of idiocracy is astounding.

I'm tired of all the Saints haters. I stand tall and strong and wear my Won't Bow Don't Know How T-shirt proudly:
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