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WhoDat!656 03-30-2012 10:26 PM

Loomis' intangible impact on Saints will be missed most of all
It's obvious the Saints will greatly miss the on-field leadership and offensive creativity of Sean Payton during his suspension for the bounty scandal that has enveloped his team over the last month. After all, we're talking about a Super Bowl-winning coach who has led his team to the playoffs in four of his six seasons at the helm.

But what impact will the Saints feel from GM Mickey Loomis' eight-game suspension? Make no mistake -- his absence will hurt in many tangible and intangible ways.

Loomis has been New Orleans' executive vice president and general manager since 2002. He was the key figure in the hiring of Payton for his first head coaching position in 2006. Shortly after, he engineered the risky six-year, $60 million deal that brought Drew Brees to town. Both of those moves were franchise altering. He was named NFL Executive of the Year after the 10-6 Saints made it to the NFC Championship Game in that momentous 2006 season. Loomis led the resurrection of a franchise coming off a 3-13 season and the staggering effects of Hurricane Katrina.

By the time his suspension begins after the final preseason game in early September, it would seem that the most important work for Loomis will have been completed. But a GM is more than just a figurehead for an NFL team, and during the first half of the regular season the Saints will be missing one of their major leaders, one who is responsible for the club's entire football operations.

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Mickey Loomis' intangible impact on Saints will be missed most during suspension - Jeff Diamond -

UK_WhoDat 03-31-2012 06:39 AM

Who handles the Brees contract post Loomis?

SaintFanInATLHELL 04-01-2012 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by UK_WhoDat (Post 394055)
Who handles the Brees contract post Loomis?

If Brees isn't signed by September, we have much bigger problems than losing a HC, GM, and presumably players for significant time.

Brees needs to be signed and in the building by early May for OTAs. Loomis' suspension doesn't start until the 1st week of the season.

So if there's any contract to handle when Loomis leaves, that would be very very bad.


Rugby Saint II 04-03-2012 02:31 PM

Loomis' intangible impact on Saints will be missed if he doesn't sign Drew. The sooner the better.

Euphoria 04-03-2012 02:34 PM

F Brees and his contract.

Brees needs to play under the tag!

SaintFanInATLHELL 04-04-2012 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by Euphoria (Post 394715)
F Brees and his contract.

Brees needs to play under the tag!

Double checking the date, not April 1st. So I'm going to take this at face value.

Playing under the tag is penny wise and pound foolish IMO. Like it or not, Brees led the Saints Nation to the promised land during his first contract. He is the key piece for making the Saints an elite team with a chance to win it all every year. Look at the last three years before he showed up, and the 6 since. Look at the Colts last year. A top echelon franchise QB makes or breaks an organization.

While we can argue if Brees deserves $23 million a year, I have no reservations arguing that he should be the top paid player in the game. Considering that at this moment that's Payton Manning, and unlike Brees, who had arguably the best season ever as a QB last year, Manning hasn't played a down in well over a year, paying the man is a no brainer.

I still think that Condon wanted to get Nicks his payday, and still wants Brees to be the top dog. As much as it pisses most of you off, I see nothing wrong with fighting for the best deal for your clients.

If we do this right, this will Brees last contract. He will retire a Saint. He will win multiple SuperBowls for this franchise. He'll go into the HOF making an argument for best QB ever.

Pay the man. He deserves it.


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