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BJD7642 04-19-2004 11:10 PM

more like "Beans and the Frank"
Yeah ya'll saw the movie

That is the position the FO is in. We all read what Haz said Benson said but, bla bla bla. We were close to the top in salary cap last year so it aint mang. I understand taking a risk and having to pay for it, we are still paying for the Ricky mistake. But it is the bottom of the 9th and 2 out for our coaching staff and they know it. 3 years is to long to be out of the playoffs, maybe not out but so close you can almost taste it. Haz has taken his chances (Sulli) but the only reason he is still here is the way he brought in Duece, on another risk. I feel this will go down as the best draft ever for us. I feel coach will take the best at what we need and make them and the others break us or take us to the next level. Now is the time. I think Benson has been more than patient, we have gotten new practice facilities, new grass, ect...and we have not heard alot from him. But the grumbles are near if coach cant crack that whip. If I was him thay all would run laps, and I promise Haslett will not be the only one running.


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