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73Saint 04-14-2012 03:03 PM

Did anyone else hear
I apologize if this has already come up. But the other day I was talking with someone who said that at the end of the tape Sean Pamphilon released, Greg Williams was quoted as saying something to the effect of playing within the confines of the rules. In other words, test the injuries, test their will, knock the **** out of them, but don't break the rules.

If this is true, it just further reiterates how media sensationalism is absolutely out of control. Why on earth wouldn't they play all of the tape, unless they wanted to CREATE chaos and circus-like activity around the entire bounty gate thing.

I know, I know. I am sick of talking about it too. Just thought I'd throw this in the mix, because if it's true, it pisses me off even more than I already am!

burningmetal 04-14-2012 03:13 PM

I heard about this a couple days ago and from everything I can gather, it is absolutely true. And your suspicion is correct, it is all about creating a mess out of nothing by the media. They seem to work hand in hand with Roger.

But we'll keep hearing people say we're delusional, no matter how much evidence comes out against the NFL's claims. People can call us conspiracy theorists all they want, but isn't it strange how more information has come out in FAVOR of the Saints, then there has been against us?

|Mitch| 04-14-2012 03:29 PM

It never was as serious at the Media wanted you to believe, and I believe Goodell was swayed in his decisions listening to all the "media".

It all ties in with Goodell being the judge, jury, executioner... The NFL needs a "board" to hear cases and appeals, instead of one man making a rash decision and then having to stick with it to save embarrassment

ScottF 04-14-2012 03:31 PM

Yes, the released tape was edited, or more specifically, cut off. It's easier to tell half the story and scream oh my god than it is to tell the whole truth.
Of course, it never should have been released anyway...

Marlboro Man 04-14-2012 09:30 PM

Hmmm, I'm starting to think Rodger the dodger Goodell is part of the Illuminati.

nedly 04-15-2012 07:50 AM

Bountygate looks like manmade global warming. It's an unproven theory based on assumptions driven by an agenda. The more that time goes on and all the facts get out, the more it resembles a sham. This too, will be covered up for a while, until the progression of the pussification of the NFL backfires, or the league destroys itself. Another league will start up with the original rules in place, thereby pleasing most football fans, who will watch it, and abandon the NFL, when it transforms into a more intense version of flag football.

saintfan 04-15-2012 06:50 PM

Yes it was edited. So it begs to question why this idiot released an edited version. Of course the obvious answer is he's looking to make bank on it. And all at the expense of Gleason. There is a special place in hell for somebody who would do that.

foreverfan 04-15-2012 07:03 PM

We lost the appeal. End of story.

SaintPauly 04-15-2012 07:09 PM

An appeal that was probably already lost before it was even heard? Yeah FF....
Goodell would never come out, and admit he made a mistake. EVER. It wouldn't matter if something came out, to disprove everything in this case, Goodell wouldn't hear it, nor acknowledge it. I'm a firm believer that this was a set up, all along. For what reason, I'm not sure.

|Mitch| 04-15-2012 07:14 PM

The appeals are over, so even IF new evidence came out it wouldn't matter. The NFL & Saints have moved on to the draft, we as fans need to do the same.

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