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WhoDat!656 04-14-2012 06:34 PM

NFL needs to make a decision on Saints player discipline
On Monday, Peter King wrote in MMQB that heíd be surprised if a decision on player discipline arising from the Saintsí bounty scandal isnít issued this week. King doesnít express beliefs absent a good reason to believe them, and so the fair inference is that the league had planned to announce something by the end of the day on Friday, but ultimately didnít.

Regardless of why the decision on player discipline hasnít been announced, the NFL shouldnít delay it any longer. Already hamstrung by the loss of their head coach for the season and their G.M. for eight games and their interim head coach for six games, the Saintsí draft plans could be impacted by the question of whether one or more of their key defensive players, like linebacker Jonathan Vilma, will be available for all or part or any of the 2012 season.

To the extent that members of the teamís defense from 2009 through 2011 have scattered throughout the league, their current employers also need to know whatís going on. On Friday, for example, the Broncos cut starting cornerback Andreí Goodman, and his job presumably will go to former Saints starter Tracy Porter.

Though itís possible the Broncos received word privately from the league office that Porter is safe, the Saints and any team that employs a former Saint need to know ASAP what the penalties will be.

Of course, even if the discipline is announced before the draft, the playersí appeal rights could ultimately soften the blow. At a minimum, however, the teams should know as far in advance of the draft as possible whether and to what extent draft strategy will be affected by possible suspensions.

NFL needs to make a decision on Saints player discipline | ProFootballTalk

|Mitch| 04-14-2012 06:39 PM

A article from Mike Florio; I'll pass

NOLA54 04-14-2012 09:12 PM

Goodell hasn't announced anything because there isn't enough hard evidence to warrant suspensions of multilple players. Besides he doesn't want to hurt other teams that have former Saints defensive players on them now. In my opinion, that does't mean he won't continue the punishment of Saints players as long as they are still playing for the Saints. I think he only wants to impact the Saints & no other teams. However he doesn't really have any wiggle room and will have to either suspend or not, players no matter where they are now. I don't care who says what about Vilma, unless they can 100% prove that $ exchanged hands or that individual players threw in $, I don't see how he can suspend any players without a confession.

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