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WhoDat!656 04-17-2012 02:33 PM

Florio is baclk for another bite of the apple
Though most if not all of this is necessarily implied by the concept of a full-season suspension, itís worth pausing for a minute to contemplate the meaning of coach Sean Paytonís banishment, which began on Monday.

As Adam Schefter of ESPN explains it, Payton can have no contact with any Saints employees or any employees of any other teams. If Payton has contact with any employees of the Saints or any other teams, he must communicate that to NFL V.P. Ray Anderson.

Thatís fine, but as weíve written in the past, itís highly likely that Payton will find a way to discreetly stay in contact with quarterback Drew Brees, interim head coach Joe Vitt, and whoever the interim interim head coach ends up being.

Payton subjectively believes he has been unfairly suspended. Brees subjectively believes that the team is being improperly persecuted. It therefore will be easy for the two men to justify continuing their relationship via dummy cell phones or other electronic means.

For now, Brees isnít even under contract. Heís not an employee of the Saints or any other NFL team. Even after Brees signs, good luck ensuring that Brees and Payton wonít continue to maintain a relationship that will persist beyond the conclusion of Paytonís suspension.

The real question is whether the NFL is willing to roll up its sleeves and chase Payton around and monitor his activities and ensure he doesnít violate the terms of the suspension. Even if the NFL tries, it will be impossible to prevent Payton and Brees or Payton and Vitt or Payton and G.M. Mickey Loomis or Payton and owner Tom Benson from talking to each other whenever they want, as long as Sean Pamphilon isnít around to record the conversations.

Sean Payton is cut off from the Saints and the league, in theory | ProFootballTalk

SaintsBro 04-17-2012 03:13 PM

Didn't you get the memo? The Saints always cheat, we're "arrogant" and Payton is "big headed" and "cocky," meanwhile the memo says that we're all supposed to go back to being bumbling bagheads, LOL

WhoDat!656 04-17-2012 03:21 PM

If the Saints got that out of control from the limited success we've had, what does that say about teams like Dallas, New England, Pittsburgh, San Fran?

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