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BlackandBlue 04-22-2004 08:50 AM

Game of the Week: Saints vs Rams 2000
They are playing this on the NFL network this week, and that brought back a flood of memories. I remember that Rickey had the broken foot, but I forgot about Horn getting injured early in the game. It also brought on a few questions-

1) What happened to Hand? 2000 was his career year, he was a monster, but he's never been the same since. They had Wistrom miked for the game (which I will touch on in a sec), and even he said, "In three games played this year, I don't think we've blocked Hand once." If he wasn't the first one to reach the QB, he wasn't very far away. Warner looked like a guy that just had the crap beat out of him.

2) It's unfortunate for Wistrom that he was miked for the entire game, because cramming a full game into an hour show, they were dropping sound bites from Wistrom every five minutes, and every time, he was whining about something, and the perception I got was he's a cry baby.

3) Forgot how dominant Roaf could be. Out of sight, out of mind, and yeah, he's All-Pro, but still, he owned Wistrom for 90% of the game.

4) Where's Willy? Denver, I know, but that was his career day. True, it only happened because Horn went down, but I dare you to find a prettier pass/catch than the one that AB threw to Jackson in the 3rd quarter for a TD.

Chuck 04-22-2004 09:20 AM

Game of the Week: Saints vs Rams 2000
damn i hate these kinds of post, I dont get the nfl network but thankfully they gave us Cox Sports instead, yeaaaa

this sux

turbo_dog 04-22-2004 11:09 AM

Game of the Week: Saints vs Rams 2000
I watched that as well, BandB. It sure did bring back memories.

I don\'t think Willie Jack\'s performance that day was only due to Horn going down, though. From the time Brooks came in I thought he and Willie had a good chemistry together. He always seemed to get open when Brooks was in trouble. I was kinda sad when they brought in Pathon and let Willie go.

WhoDat 04-22-2004 01:03 PM

Game of the Week: Saints vs Rams 2000
True dat. Willie isn\'t a great receiver, but he was a very good one in New Orleans. Say what you will about that game (he was a big part of the reason we won it), but he had over a thousand yards receiving that season. I don\'t think Pathon or Stallworth has had that if you combine each player\'s total time as a Saint. We never should have let Willie Jackson go.

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