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SaintsReporter 04-23-2004 08:56 AM

Well, folks, I came here under the name "SaintsReporter" because I thought it would be easier to talk strictly football than under my old name. I've been away for a good while and took a break from keeping up with the Saints altogether. With the draft coming up, I wanted to catch up on some Saints football and see what was going on at B&G.

I really can't believe some of ya didn't figure out who I was yet by the posts I've made. Well, this is BillyC.

Anyway, it's just too weird talking to some of ya and y'all don't know who I am.

SaintNik 04-23-2004 09:54 AM

Welcome back BillyC, Billy, DatWho, SaintsReporter, Sybil, whoever you choose to be. This forum is not the same without your gazillion posts daily. Some folks here as you are aware take offense to your style, but at least you have one and have something to say. So how are things going on the coast? There seems to be several new members here which is always good to have fresh input. Keep the positive energy flowing guy.

Oh, by the way...............You were exposed! WHODAT responded to two of your posts with statements such as:

\"sounds like a guy I once knew who said that players were more important than coaches\"


\"sound like a guy I once knew who said that penalties and mistakes were more costly than turnovers\"

However, it was funny to see old regs such as whodat and halo in moderate agreement with you.

I never did jump into the turnovers vs. mistakes/penalties thread but would like to offer this thought. I agree that most of the time turnovers are more costly than penalties/mistakes there are times when the opposite can be true. Example:

1.) TURNOVER - Your team turns the ball over at mid field. Your teams defense then holds the opponent 3 and out forcing a punt that your team then returns out to its own 40 yard line. Net loss: Zero points, 10 yards of field position, zero offensive yardage. Now you have the ball 1st and ten from your own 40.

2.) PENALTY / MISTAKE - Your team is on its own 20 with the ball. Your running back breaks off an 80 yard touchdown run. Your wide receiver gets called for holding on the back side of the play away from the action. Net loss: 7 points, 10 yards of field position, 80 yards rushing offense, down and distance. Now you have the ball whatever and 20 from you own 10 yard line.

Which of the above two scenarios does anybody think would be more costly?

saintfan 04-23-2004 09:59 AM

The whole turnover / penalty thing, in my opinion, was blown out of proportion by someone\'s over zealous attempt to prove a point -- but I know what you were trying to say. Sorta like my saying bad luck is a factor and getting accused of having said bad luck is the ONLY factor. Man, that just ain\'t right! LOL

I\'m disgusted at not knowing it was you Billy. You suck man. :P

Danno 04-23-2004 10:03 AM

How do we really know its you Billy, and not just Swampuke pretending to be Billy? :D

saintfan 04-23-2004 10:09 AM

I tend to think it\'s not swampuke Danno...that guy couldn\'t type in complete sentences.

subguy 04-23-2004 10:10 AM

Ignore will go away!

SaintsReporter 04-23-2004 10:13 AM


How do we really know its you Billy, and not just Swampuke pretending to be Billy? :D
LOL.......It\'s me tweeky, I mean Danno. Don\'t know where Swampuke is. I\'ve read some of your posts. Very insightful as usual. I\'m trying to catch up on the players we\'ve signed. If you or anyone can give me a rundown on these guys it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Saintnik -- Good to see you around here. I\'ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Keep \'em coming.

Saintfan -- Dude, I can\'t believe you didn\'t see it was me. I sent you and WhoDat a private message telling you it was me. WhoDat responded, but I don\'t guess you saw it. Check your messages sometimes dude.

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