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TheOak 04-27-2012 12:24 PM

Goodell the NFL and player safety
I know there is a lot of debate about Goodell's punishments being the actions of a spiteful idiot, or a Corporate head concerned with league safety, or maybe just someone putting on a show to have a defense against concussion lawsuits.

This is purely opinion and the way I read the cards that have been played.

Goodell and the NFL are a soup sandwich when it comes to safety and making the game safer.

My Vote is the spiteful Idiot:

Other than the changes in kickoffs there has not a WHOLE lot been done to ensure safety with out sacrificing the integrity of the game. The new QB rules, and pass interference rules are changing the game, not making it safer.

What the NFL has displayed to me is not the ability to make the game safer, but the ability to hand down punishment.

What is being addressed:

Proof of punishment:

  • Saints Bounty - punished..three years after the fact. Payton punishment = to that of a killer.
  • Too hard of a hit - punishment fine. These fines have no known scale either, they are delegated depending on Goodell's mood.
  • Changes in kick-off
  • Cant touch the QB's helmet
  • Referees NOT making the correct calls.
  • What else am I missing?
What is not being addressed:
  • The use of HGH, bigger and stronger means harder hitting. There is no testing being done despite multiple sources stating there are accurate tests for this. Clay Matthews forehead looks like an alien monkey.
  • Steroids - Are players banned for getting caught? Nope. Is this cheating? Yes... Does it contribute to injury? Yes
  • Mouth Piece - Not requirement.
  • Thigh/hip/knee/ pads - not a requirement.
  • Is it me or are shoulder pads getting smaller and the use of neck pads almost gone away?
  • A team putting a QB back on the field after a concussion too soon. Cleveland
Concussion rates climbing in-spite of Goodells actions:
NFL Concussions in 2010

During the Regular Season, a total of 159 head injuries were reported with an average of 9.35 concussions treated per week, or 0.62 concussions per game. Interesting enough, with 33 players per football team, an incidence rate of 15.06% and 9.38% epidemiological incidence for a 53 man roster suggests that the actual number of unreported concussions may actually be higher.
It should also be noted that the defence players suffer the most from concussions (51.5%), followed closely by the offense players (48.5%). Our findings have also revealed that the Associated Press has reported of a 21% increase in head injury, which includes 154 concussions occurring in practices as well as at preseason games.
NFL Concussions in 2011

Despite claims of tighter safety regulations and several lawsuits, the NFL football concussion statistics continue to climb with another 162 number of head injuries reported last year. That roughly sums up to an average of 10.80 concussions occurring every week and that there is a 72% chance of a concussion injury occurring at every NFL game.
From the concussion rate in NFL for 2011, it should be note that 51.85% of the head injuries were born by the offensive players whereas defensive players experienced the other 48.15% of head injuries. Just like the year before, the NFL failed to guarantee the safety for any of the players on the field, as there still exists a 50-50 chance of you being injured on the head.

Safety Tabled:
League tables plan for mandatory knee, thigh pads | ProFootballTalk

Good article my Forbes... Payton punishment is equal to that of someone that killed a person.

Roger Goodell Is Not Serious About Player Safety, And It's Because Of Money - Forbes

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