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|Mitch| 04-28-2012 05:00 PM

Q&A with Saints Sixth Round Selection Andrew Tiller
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What did Doug Marrone tell you about the Saints?

“He just told me it’s a great place to work at and he loved the guys that worked there and I am going to love them too.”

You played tackle right?

“I play guard, but yes I have played tackle. In high school I played defense and offense.”

How did playing offense and defense help you?

“I felt like it helped me a lot because playing defense you have to have attitude and I brought that intensity to the O-line.”

What height and weight did you play at this year?

“I was 6’5”, 328 lbs.”

What was it like to play for Doug Marrone?

“It was a great experience. He is an O-line guy. He knows everything, he knows what he is talking about especially when it comes to the O-line. He helped me out tremendously. And no, I haven’t talked to him yet.”

What did the Saints tell you? Do you want you to play guard?

“I will play wherever they want me to play. They didn’t really tell me too much, just about the rookie Mini-camp in two weeks, but other than that I will play wherever. The last few years I played right guard.”

How has your weight been over the years at Syracuse?

“When I first got up to Syracuse I weighed 408 lbs but that was because I had a season ending injury back in 2008, so I didn’t play that whole year. I put on a lot of weight over that time, but once I got to Syracuse I took off 70 lbs in a matter of three or four months. My weight hasn’t been an issue since.”

It seems like you like to eat, this isn’t the best place for someone who likes to eat.

“Yeah, I heard the food down there is really good.”

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Q&A with Saints Sixth Round Selection Andrew Tiller

Rugby Saint II 04-28-2012 05:51 PM

He's got a good attitude. Maybe that will translate to the field sooner.

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