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SaintsRule11 04-29-2012 08:45 PM

In what way are the pundits stupid?
In what way are the pundits stupid, you ask?

I've been trying to think of a good analogy to explain just how profoundly dumb all these pundits are who are giving bad grades to the Saints based on the draft, and I think I've got one.

For the pundits to trash the Saints for having a bad draft is sort of like a student having all his textbooks and notes stolen by someone and then having his teacher scold him for not getting an 'A' on all the tests.

Or something like that. Anyway, all these so called "analysts" like Jason Cole are mental midgets. If a team has two first round picks, OF COURSE they are going to look like geniuses.

Except for the Cleveland Browns. Sigh.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what Akiem Hicks (which, strangely, rhymes with Hakeem Nicks) and Nick Toon can do out there on the field.

Tobias-Reiper 04-29-2012 08:48 PM

Let me count the ways?

MorningWood 04-29-2012 09:34 PM

I have always thought that grades that do not take into account drafting position and number of picks are pretty silly.

"I will give the Colts an 'A' because somehow they managed to outfox all the other teams when they landed Andrew Luck. We don't know how they did it, but in each round they seemed to take higher rated players than so called elite teams who were in the playoffs."

RailBoss 04-29-2012 09:55 PM

Loomis is at his best scouring the lower drafts.

pherein 04-29-2012 10:31 PM

We love them when they pick jimmy graham and hate them when they put down our picks. Truth is I think some of us are homers, and some of us understand that if the draft pick isn't obvious or simplistic the Draft pundits will never get it right.
Our draft picks this year require in depth study, and hours of film room to understand. I really don't expect them to get it, lol.

JimmyB1775 04-29-2012 10:42 PM

How on earth did they manage to get Andrew Luck?!?!? How on earth is a team with such amazing strategic planning 2011's worst record holder? I'm lost. Explain how we weren't able to listen in on Luck's cell phone calls and then hack his twitter to tweet "Just joined the Moscow Ballet, nope, no more football"

pumpkindriver 04-29-2012 11:32 PM

The ones on the big networks can say what they will. The ones on The Sirius NFL channel seem to think the Saints did pretty good with the picks they had. I trust them over the TV guys.

WhoDat!656 04-30-2012 01:27 AM

Expecting the national sports media to get 'grades' right on draft picks before they even make a team makes as much sense as going to a whore for a hug!

TheOak 04-30-2012 06:52 AM

Sports pundits = Congressional Budget Office.

"What would you like it to be".

Seer1 04-30-2012 07:25 AM

I think it has to do with good grades off the field come from bad grades on the field (except the Browns, sigh). I could say that at least this babble coming from their computers is helping to feed their families. However, then I have to say heaven help the world because that means they've somehow figured out where the proper orifice is and have reproduced.

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