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alleycat_126 05-02-2012 12:17 AM

Is it ever too early!!!
I about to have a fry, and a barbeque........

Menu -3lb Pork Chops
-3lb Pork Spare Ribs
-3lb Pork Sausage

- As a matter of fact anything you have that is a pork product i'll take a
-3lbs of it!!!!!

Desert: -3lb bag of Pork Cracklins!!!!!

(How early is too early, to trash talk with Redskins fan) RG -3 get it!!!!!

pherein 05-02-2012 04:25 AM

well,. one, not sure you have a chance of winning a trash talk with all the saints problems, not that you should trash talk. Two, we don't know depth chart, suspensions, or Brees situation.
I think its to early to post a thread about the game, but you can test the waters, answer some questions they might have about us. Ive noticed most other teams fans really don't understand what is happening if its not on the NFL channel. I post in a number of teams forum explaining our point of view. Extremeskins is one, but I haven't posted there for a while. I read their post and they do seem simpathetic to our situation. GW, and hasslet being coaches they like.

skymike 05-02-2012 05:42 AM

I dont get the 3lbs of pork thing.
sorry, i've been out of the loop.
but I cant wait to hear.

Rugby Saint II 05-02-2012 12:17 PM

I quit talking smack last year......every time I did the we would lose a player or a game.

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