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SaintGup 05-04-2012 07:57 AM

Again, with Drew Brees...
This is really for those of you that think Brees is greedy and wants Mickey Loomis to hold firm and not give him what he wants. I'm sick of people bashing Brees for doing what it seems ok for other players to do...
Most passing yards by a Quarterback over a span of 5 years.
Most passing yards in a single season
Only Quarterback ever to hit 5,000+ yards twice.
The most accurate quarterback ever (Only Quarterback to hit over 71% accuracy)
Only Quarterback in NFL history to get 400+ yards in 4 consecutive playoff games.
Led us to a Superbowl title
Probably has the best leadership in the game today
During the lockout, spend his own money to set up a training camp, including paying staff.
Has helped the team and players to countless other records and is a respected member of the human race.
Has played well over what he has been paid since 2006
Has other records that I haven't mentioned.
Raised over $7,000,000 with his wife for the Brees Dream foundation and has no hesitation in giving back.
Family man and man of faith (I am not a religious person but I do recognise the dedication of people who are and have faith)
If anyone can think of anything else to add, feel free. The point I am trying to make is to get off the man's back! We know that he always points to his teammates rather than take the credit but we also know that to let him go would be the best move ever if we are wanting a mediocre team. Yes he is asking for a lot but doesn't he deserve to be a little selfish, especially since he is asking for it to be front loaded as he has been burned before. For those of you saying let him go because he's being greedy and it's about the team, remember those words when we have an ok Quarterback and are 8-8, 7-9, 4-12 etc. Because, unless there is a miracle if we let him go, that is what will happen. CUT THE GUY SOME SLACK!

xan 05-04-2012 08:01 AM

Fielding a competitive team in the NFL is a bit more than mortgaging the franchise for a quarterback. There has to be quality and depth at every position, and there is a price to pay for that. No one disputes that Brees should get a high salary.

The issue, essentially, is Brees morally deserving of enough salary to cause fielding a non-competitive team?

Danno 05-04-2012 08:04 AM

We should pay him 50 million/year, but we'd have to cut Evans, Grubbs, Colston, Lofton, Greer, Bushrod, PT, and Sproles.

Hmmm, I'm kinda thinking we should NOT pay him 50 million/year.

Euphoria 05-04-2012 08:06 AM

Brees was the face of the deal struck to put an end to the NFL lockout.

Look if you voted for the rules especially the Franchise tag. Well man up and live up to your end of the deal. Sign the tag!

SaintsBro 05-04-2012 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by xan (Post 403394)

The issue, essentially, is Brees morally deserving of enough salary to cause fielding a non-competitive team?

Morality has NOTHING to do with it. The guy is getting paid to throw a ball around, and WE (including you) have enabled that and supported that and have created the monster, every step of the way. If you are worried that Drew Effing Brees is going to cause you to "field a non-competitive team," then I guess he is not the guy for you. Look at that list of accomplishments Saintgup posted, there are 31 other teams who would want that. Morality or "how much money is too much money for one person to live on" has nothing to do with it.

I personally think he does sign the tag, if it finally comes down to that, I think he will. Just not going to do it right now.

SapperSaint 05-04-2012 08:28 AM

These are the kinda post I just don't understand.

Lets pay Drew what ever he wants and then lets cut every one of our playmakers and just limp by with scrubs. I mean hell; Drew has earned what ever paycheck he wants, right?

I just read Euphs post and he is "Spot on"! Drew AGREED TO THE TERMS OF THE FRANCHISE TAG. If Drew is this kind of person, and Drew is that kind of person; then he needs to be a man of his word.

Look, I love Drew. Drew has passed Archie as far as I am concerned. I know we wouldn't havew a SB victory without him. However, Drew did not win these games by himself!

Don't let "Foundations and Charity" cloud your vision. These are major tax write-offs for these guys in sports. They do a lot of good, don't get me wrong. Just don't let them be your guiding light as to them being unselfish.

Yes, he paid for and held practices during the lockout (That he was apart of the reason there was a lockout). If he did that for God, Country and the Saints; what is the difference now? Where is that loyalty now? I'm sorry, but I don't feel sorrow or pity for millionares. It's not like Drew has been offered "Slap in the face" type of contracts.

I'm tired of the "Quit bashing Drew", "Drew has to let Condon do the job he hired him to do" crap. I want him to be a man and follow the rules and guidelines he "Fought" for during the lockout.

I know Drew could care less what I think or say. However, Drew, not Condon; needs to get involved in this contract negoiations. Condon is wanting his share of Drews contract higher. So lets just face the bottom line up front. Drew knows what this team can and can't afford. This is Drew's career, not Condon's. Do any of you have an agent that settles your pay for the work you do?

Get involved Drew and sign a contract that wont kill this team or sign your TAG. You know, the one you agreed to during the lockout?!

saintfan 05-04-2012 08:34 AM

Drew is doing what Drew needs to do...and SHOULD do...

Loomie is doing what Loomie needs to do...and SHOULD do...

I'm frustrated because we've already offered Drew the richest deal ever...twice...but it's clear (to me anyway) that he wants more of that up front, and that hurts our ability to pay other players. I'm confident they'll figure it out. I really and truly am. I'm hacked off about the whole thing, but I'm not blaming anybody. I can't say whether or not I'd do the same thing if I were Drew, but I'm guessing that I would.

SaintGup 05-04-2012 08:36 AM

I'm sorry, but what playmakers have we cut? Where are the scrubs that we are limping by with? And I am not letting charity issues cloud my judgement at all. It's not like if we sign Brees we don't have a team but if we don't and he doesn't play, we don't have a quarterback of his calibre to run that team.

SapperSaint 05-04-2012 08:46 AM

That's the point some are trying to make Gup. If we pay Drew $50 million (example), we can not afford to keep players like Sproles, Graham and others who will have contracts coming up. We lost Nicks because we couldn't afford him and Drew. What if the guy who takes Nicks' spot doesn't protect Drew as good and Drew gets hammered and is out for the season? Is it worth it?

How many teams have a "Real" QB? Brady and Rogers are the two "For real" QB's out there besides Drew. Peyton is still a guess but a good guess that he will be good. Eli is unpredictable. As well as Rothlesburger. Stafford is ok. Othere than that what teams have a "Real" QB?

Alex Smith is no Drew Bress, but he beat us.

I want Drew to get everything he has earned. I swear I do, but not at the expense of hurting the team in the near future.

SaintsBro 05-04-2012 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by SapperSaint (Post 403423)
We lost Nicks because we couldn't afford him and Drew. What if the guy who takes Nicks' spot doesn't protect Drew as good and Drew gets hammered and is out for the season? Is it worth it?

So would you rather keep Nicks and pay top dollar to have him protect Chase Daniels? Quit inventing crisises that don't exist. Nicks was underpaid by the Saints, period, that's why he left, end of story. The new guy is the new guy and has nothing to do with Nicks.

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