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WhoDat!656 05-08-2012 08:00 PM

Column: Goodell better have goods on ‘bad’ Saints
Roger Goodell better have the goods.

Somewhere in the 50,000 pages of documents related to the Saints bounty program better be some compelling evidence that it was much more organized and way more vicious than anything the NFL had ever seen. Otherwise, the punishment he’s doled out already has exceeded the crime, and the commissioner’s credibility on two of the signature issues of his tenure _ player safety and the integrity of the games _ will suffer a hit he can barely afford. Because if the players believe Goodell is more interested in burnishing his tough-guy reputation and insulating the league from further liability on safety concerns than he is in genuinely pursuing their best interests, look out. All the pushback from all the previous disciplinary cases combined will seem like a nudge.

Column: Goodell better have goods on 'bad' Saints - Washington Times

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