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lumm0x 04-25-2004 10:08 AM

Some decent needs can still be filled...
There are still some big names left in this draft that many scouts and "professional opinions" had ranked way higher than when they will be drafted.

1) Will Poole- This guy was Top 4 CB ranked. He's fallen because of a poor combine and past baggage. He is a top notch CB prospect that would address a huge need.

2) Isaac Sapoaga- Big body 2 gapper. Unless the plan is to move to 3-4 we are small at DT. Would fill the run stuffer role. Did he really score a 4 on his Wonderlic test? You can get 12 by guessing.

3) Mewelde Moore- Versatile 3rd down back who could carry Lamar Smith and Ki-Jana's walkers for them.

4) Nat Dorsey- Local boy who could be a nice project behind Gandy or Riley.

I realize that all of these guys are likely 4th round selections, but I would sure be pleased to see not only a need position like CB still addressed, but with a quality value selection.

whowatches 04-25-2004 10:11 AM

Some decent needs can still be filled...
I would love to either of the first two on your list. Sure wish we had a fourth rounder. Don\'t think either will be there in the fifth.

We\'ll see.

SaintsReporter 04-25-2004 10:13 AM

Some decent needs can still be filled...
I\'d love to get Will Poole. I don\'t have a list of my own. But, I did find this:


Fortune 100
Before the draft, I ranked the top 100 players in the draft. These were the players who I thought were at the top of the class. Now obviously, some of them were \"gimmes\" (Eli Manning, for example), and others were not so easy but we did have them (Matt Schaub and Chris Cooley are two of them).

After three rounds, 86 of the 100 players on my list were drafted. That\'s 86 of 96 selected on Day 1, and 86 percent of my list is gone.

So who to look for on Day 2? Here\'s who\'s left from my top 100:

Defensive ends

Shaun Phillips, Purdue
Bo Schobel, TCU

Defensive tackles

Matthias Askew, Michigan State
Isaac Sopoaga, Hawaii


Will Poole, Southern California

Wide receivers

Jerricho Cotchery, N.C. State
P.K. Sam, Florida State

Running backs

Mewelde Moore, Tulane

Offensive line

Stacy Andrews, Ole Miss
Kelly Butler, Purdue
Trey Darleik, Texas-El Paso
Nat Dorsey, Georgia Tech
Adrian Jones, Kansas
Alex Stepanovich, Ohio State

There are no linebackers, safeties, tight ends or quarterbacks left on my list.

D_it_up 04-25-2004 10:18 AM

Some decent needs can still be filled...
Chad Lavalais is still on the board, too

lumm0x 04-25-2004 10:40 AM

Some decent needs can still be filled...
Poole & Sapoaga gone.

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