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QBREES9 05-13-2012 09:22 PM

Drew Brees' contract situation with the New Orleans Saints is not unusual,
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We all thought it might be different with Brees and the Saints, him being such a "team guy," and the Saints being so devoted to him. We all thought Brees might offer a hometown discount, while the Saints offered a blank check.

Instead, we're seeing the exact same thing we see with almost every player who gets a franchise tag, every first-round draft pick and every player who holds out for a new contract.

Instead of getting the deal done early because it would benefit both sides, they're going to wait until practices are missed, feelings are hurt and pressure mounts.

Sure, the Saints and Brees can survive without each other this summer. But it would be better if he was around to help fill the leadership void during Coach Sean Payton's suspension. It would be valuable for him to be collaborating with offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and building a rapport with new teammates.

Heck, it would just plain be more fun if he was around to defend his home run derby title at Heath Evans' charity softball game Wednesday. But even that has been spoiled by this lingering contract standoff.

It all seems so unnecessary, if not downright ridiculous.

So who's to blame?

Everybody. Or nobody. It all depends on how you view it.

Because neither side is being unreasonable in its demands -- both parties are just being uncooperative.

Drew Brees' contract situation with the New Orleans Saints is not unusual, just unnecessary - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

GeauxForMore 05-13-2012 09:30 PM

So blame everyone........sounds good. It will get done. Granted I would like it done tomorrow but it will get done.

alleycat_126 05-13-2012 11:25 PM

You wanna know the real skinny on what the holdup is. It's Tom Condon. The long and the short of it is Brees the business man is going to stay out of the situation until Condon tells him the deal is right. And what is the holdup you ask? We already know it's not whether the contract is frontloaded or backloaded. ( Saints will cave and give brees a frontloaded deal) We can also say with some certainty that it is not how much Brees will be getting paid yearly ( somewhere between 21 - 23 million) So now I'll tell you what the holdup is Condon is probably asking the Saints for an obscene amount of guaranteed money that's where were stuck at.

TheOak 05-14-2012 06:59 AM

The catch here unless someone else knows differently. The team has Drew by the cajones... and only an act of kindness can mitigate that, not even Condon can change things. An exclusive franchise tag can be renewed indefinitely year by year.

My best guess.... From a business point of view (removing fandom).

Brees has until July 16th to sign the Franchise tender or he sits out. He is also not the type person to "not play" and he is entering the twilight of his career. Furthermore, sitting out a season may hurt him in the long run when it comes to the HoF.

Regardless of how we feel, the New Orleans Saints are a business (period).
The Saints stick to their offer, drew ends up playing under franchise tag this year...... And the next...... And the next....

Drew is not going to sit out, he is not going to lower his production to get cut or traded (not his personality), and Benson Tags him every year.

Every year we will go through this same, rinse, lather, repeat... and Brees stays a Saint until he retires. Drew can not get out of this unless he gets out of football...

Its dirty to do to him, but its a sound business move.

alleycat_126 05-14-2012 07:51 AM

^^^^ That's not the Saints, even though its a business, we've never been that type of organization. That's a ( chicago bears) stingy teams play and I don't think we will see a senario in which it ends up effecting us like that!

TheOak 05-14-2012 08:39 AM

But this is not a "near normal" year for the Saints. Say we do not FT him after this year... I think the team still needs to stick to the FT this year.

We can not afford to go into the season with any less that 3 mil cushion on the Salary Cap. If someone gets hurt after the cap deadline we have to be able to afford replacements.

There is NO money presently freed up due to the suspensions. This is a timing thing.... With appeals going on we could not see this money freed up before the salary cap deadline, leaving us having to pay for players to fill the gaps of two players that can not play.

Rugby Saint II 05-14-2012 01:22 PM

There is nothing that feels like business as usual about this.
Tom Jones anyone?

TheOak 05-14-2012 02:50 PM

How about.

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