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blake6900 11-24-2002 03:28 PM

Aaron Brooks:Top 5 Quarterback
My mind goes back to all the articles written about Aaron Brooks and how he was worth literally millions of dollars, dollars not coming out of those writers' pockets I might add. I look forward to seeing those same writers bashing Brooks right now after the pathetic performance he put on against the Cleveland Browns.
Sure, the defense didn't do its' job...but neither did Brooks...again. Has anyone ever taught this guy how to throw the ball away?
Don't get me wrong. He has the talent and the tools to become an excellent QB but no one can argue that too much bad comes with his good. He makes too many stupid mistakes and, apparently, no one can mention this little fact to him lest his confidence suffer. And therein lies the problem. His confidence (as in too much of it) is the reason he's throwing passes into double and triple coverage instead of harmlessly throwing it away.
"Look at his stats," you say. Well, his stats are very good. Unfortunately, they make him look exceptional from an individual standpoint but his won-loss record since becoming the starter last year is 14-13.
Not what I'd call top 5 stuff. Too bad Tom Benson can't ask for some of his money back. Then he could use it to get some more speed in the defensive backfield.

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