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Cadillac 04-25-2004 12:42 PM

Meet our Fullback - Mike Karney
From NFL. com



Classic throwback to the days when football players wore leather helmets … Hard-hitting blocker who relishes his role of neutralizing defenders as the lead blocker for the running game … Regarded as the most talented fullback in college football, he possesses good hands and excellent blocking skills integral to passing offense, along with great coverage ability on special teams … Started 28 of 46 games for the Sun Devils, where he was used mostly as a lead blocker … Finished his career with 78 yards on 32 carries (2.4 avg.) and 37 receptions for 308 yards (8.3 avg.) and a touchdown … An avid weight lifter, he has a few "unique" ways of training in the offseason, as he will pull weighted sleds while wearing a parachute on his back and push cars around campus to increase his leg drive … "Mike was the heart and soul of our team," ASU coach Dirk Koetter said. "He's not a man of many words. He prefers to let his actions do his talking. More often than not, his actions are pretty darn good." … His lack of opportunities to carry the ball prompted his fan section to carry banners to Sun Devil games that read, "Give Karney the damn ball," but he humbly accepted the dirty work with crushing blocks and equally hard-hitting celebrations when ASU scores.


Positives: Has a short, thick, muscular, big frame … Has good change of direction agility, staying low in his pads to hold ground firmly at the point of attack … Quick to attack linebackers when blocking in the second level … Very effective at sinking his hips, driving with his legs and squaring his shoulders to clear the rush lanes … Above-average blocker for the passing game, keeping his head on a swivel to locate and target defenders coming off the edge or on the blitz … Plays with good initial movement … In limited opportunities to carry the ball, he shows the power to break tackles and move the pile … Adequate route runner who finds the seam and voids in zone coverage quickly … Has the body control and agility to make the tough catch in a crowd … Has enough agility to sustain blocks on the move working in space … Takes an unselfish approach to the game (will do whatever the coaches want him to do) … Clutch player that you can count on to do whatever he can to protect the quarterback … Has good, natural and functional strength and will not hesitate to face up to the larger defenders … For a team using a traditional fullback, there is not a better one to find in the collegiate ranks.

Negatives: More of a straight-line runner who tries to run over defenders rather than elude them … Lacks good pick, slide and burst through the line of scrimmage to be effective running with the ball … Can catch the ball in his hands, but will trap and body catch some … Has marginal value as an upfield receiver, as he does not have the playing speed to be effective on long patterns (more effective on underneath and short tosses).
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Cadillac 04-25-2004 12:48 PM

Meet our Fullback - Mike Karney

Cadillac 04-25-2004 12:56 PM

Meet our Fullback - Mike Karney
From Drew Boylharts profile on Mike Karney...


If you need a pure FB, then just draft him. You will never be sorry. Mike is an effort type of player with some athleticism, but if you are evaluating players on just talent, you are going to miss one hell of a football player in this kid. He will be a 2nd day pick for some team that is looking for that Sam Gash type of FB. That team will use him as soon as he hits the field for them. Mike is the type of kid that will not be intimidated by the players in the NFL, but he will respect them as he knocks them into a world of rainbows and pretty lights.

turbo_dog 04-25-2004 12:58 PM

Meet our Fullback - Mike Karney
At least they did something right.

Chuck 04-25-2004 12:58 PM

Meet our Fullback - Mike Karney
Mel off ESPN just talked about him for a short while and was pretty high on him.

SaintsReporter 04-25-2004 01:22 PM

Meet our Fullback - Mike Karney
I think the question is: Is this a better team after this draft. I say YES.

Like Gator, I was also pissed after some of the selections. But, I think that\'s because I had some preconceived idea of who I thought they should draft. Well, it didn\'t go as I planned, but I ain\'t the one that\'s got to pay these guys and I would have gave up too much to get the guys I wanted. They were gone by the time we picked and I can live with that.

This Watson guy seems like the real deal and when we first picked him I thought he was just another nobody. Seems that isn\'t the case. He was the #1 rated MLB by Mel Kiper and that\'s good enough for me. Doesn\'t that make y\'all feel good. Kiper (love or hate him) does know his football players.

Will Smith: Ok, we got 2 DE already. But if this was Bruce Smith coming out, do we pass him up? Of course not. Now, I\'m not saying he\'s the next Bruce Smith, but he sure does sound good to me. He could be our OLB also.

Devery Henderson - It\'s been mentioned that he was the FASTEST player in the draft. While receiver wasn\'t a big area of need. The thought of Horn, Stallworth, and Henderson on the field at the same time sounds good. Then throw in Boo Willimas.

Then we picked up probably the best fullback in the league and what sounds like a solid run stuffing DT.

Add it all up and I think we DID get better. We shall see......

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