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saintz08 07-15-2002 11:52 PM

Front Office : House Cleaning
Lets assume for arguement sake that Haslett is going lame duck status , that he feels as though his talents can be better used and appreciated somewhere else , say Buffalo .

Does Benson clean house again ???? Most of the current staff was Muellers and most likely have loyalities to him in some way . Contracts are up on some others after this season and remember Mueller is still in limbo . It seems too much is up in the air at this point to think this is a long term staff .

I am getting that house cleaning feeling . Anyone else getting it ????

Halo 07-16-2002 01:41 PM

Front Office : House Cleaning
Well I certainly hope you are right, because the alternative may be a mess. It looks to me like we will sign Haslet, but a lot of staff will head to Seatle or whereever Mueller will be next year. That leaves Haslet and Loomis here to play GM, and I think this formula will struggle.

Mueller loaded the team up well for this next year, but I hope there is a \"house cleaning\" after this year. That way we can get another coach and a seasoned GM, and not have Haslet pulling the personnel strings. Let him go to Buffalo if he wants. Last year he showed his true colors by not being able to manage a team torn by lockerroom scandel- in fact rumor has it that he was a part of the trouble himself.

saintz08 07-16-2002 03:42 PM

Front Office : House Cleaning
Personally , I think Haslett will stroke the Saints franchise along until he is either the highest paid coach in the division , or he has secured the Buffalo job . I am sure he knows he will never get the Spurrier contract , but he might get a lot more carte blanche in Buffalo .I am sure that would stroke his ego to be the head coach of the Buffalo Bills , and a deal might put Mueller there as well .

The lack of info coming out of Airline Dr. leads me to believe , Loomis might be in over his head even with the recent capologist signing .

With Benson\'s luck after a house cleaning , it leads me to believe he may roll those dice again .

SCARYMAN 07-16-2002 05:43 PM

Front Office : House Cleaning
I think that even talk of a \"House Cleaning\" at this point is irrational. Alot of it stemms from the slide at the end of last year, which still left us with a better record than we had for about six years before the HASLETT/MULLER signings. Everyone suddenly forgets how bad it was before our new coach got us a playoff win.The expectations suddenly rose so high that after last season (>.500) and the sudden firing of Muller everyone is emotional and trying to right a ship that is not sinking yet.

That doesn\'t mean that Benson won\'t do just that if we have another Mediocre season, cause I think the man is off his rocker anyway. But the real key is will Haslett be around? If so, I think the situation will stableize its self if old Tom don\'t get too antsy.

saintz08 07-16-2002 06:14 PM

Front Office : House Cleaning
In a post Mueller interview Haslett went on record as stating , he was sure he and Mueller would work again together sometime in the future . This is an indication that Haslett is not looking at the Saints as a long term coaching decision . The staff brought in by Mueller is only under contract until the end of this season. Loomis is only under contract until the end of this season .

All the good seasons under Benson\'s ownership have come directly after a house cleaning . Finks / Mora and Mueller / Haslett - Playoff seasons . Promoting within the organization Kulharich / Ditka - losing seasons . That statistic alone cannot be ignored .

With no new contract extensions signed , I smell a house cleaning coming .

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