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swamee 04-25-2004 05:08 PM

corners, corners, corners, let's talk about corners
does anyone think that ty law is a shutdown corner? i mean really, do you believe that? does anyone think that woodson is a shutdown corner? really and truely....
i don't think neither are....are they good corners? yes
could they benefit our team? yes
the patriots had good players and chemistry to win their 2nd superbowl as their first..not to mention, good coaching, prehaps excellent coaching...but none the less, they do have good players..
the only SHUTDOWN CORNER that comes to my mind is deion......i mean this man would intentionally let recievers get behind him, start to cover the lost ground when the ball was in the air, and not only break up the play, but in many cases he intecepted the ball.....not many challenged his side and benefited.......
i am real curious, tell me, who is you ideal corner? the total package? and especially someone who is within our grasp? swamee

BrooksMustGo 04-25-2004 05:17 PM

corners, corners, corners, let's talk about corners
Night Train Lane was the best to ever play. He was wicked fast, big and a constant interception threat, but he was also so great at the psychological game. WR\'s were beat before the ball was snapped.

Deion was very very good and a sure thing for the HOF, but he wouldn\'t hit people. He was a little soft.

In the modern era, Champ Bailey is probably the most like a shut down corner we\'ll ever see. Great player.

Woodson is good, but has injury trouble and authority trouble. I don\'t think Haslett could keep his respect for the length of a contract. Same thing with Ty Law.

frankeefrank 04-25-2004 05:44 PM

corners, corners, corners, let's talk about corners
I would have to agree, shut down corners aren\'t easily found... Deion probably was the last.. But keep in mind systems help and hurt this. Tampa\'s a good example. Ronde Barber... Good, but Rod Woodson, Deion... Champ Bailiey?

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